Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wish you were here

"wish you were here" pink floyd. one of my absolute faves.

Great news! I finished choreographing my contemporary solo! Although it still needs extreme editing, but now I have a place and movement to do onstage for every part of the song (last week I had a bunch of empty spaces). Although this is no artistic-feat since I have been rushing to finish it, I would like to edit it and use it in the future (perhaps at Pittsburgh Ballet's Summer Intensive Choreography show). I have had my brother shorten the music for me to 2:15.... the original song is about 5-6 minutes! So perhaps for the Choreography show, I can lengthen it and add more dancers.

Today an Artistic Director came in from a local company in Miami to take a look at our seniors. I felt that I did well, but I didn't feel comfortable and at ease today. My body just felt strange. I think maybe it's because at the moment I am going through a rough time with my whole vegan diet. I have been a "fish-eating" vegan for a little more than two years now. However I always shutter to call myself a vegan because I cheat quite often (cheese is my downfall). Lately, this past month, I have been thinking of going just vegetarian. But I feel that I am killing the part of myself that feels vegan is the healthiest way to go. It is just so hard to get the right nutrition at a boarding school that does not supply tofu or more vegetarian options. Tonight I'm food shopping, so hopefully I can get more ideas other than my soup that I've been having for dinner every night this past month...

On top of everything else, I really need to lose about five pounds. I'm scared that if I 'diet' I will go crazy and not eat enough. The life of a dancer is a never-ending hell. However I can never imagine doing any other profession.

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