Monday, March 28, 2011

shine on

"Shine On" by JET

So I wanted to do a post on one of my favorite dancers. Correction: danseurs.

- Here is a quick bio (thanks wikipedia).
- Born: March 26th 1975, age 36 in Casale Monferrato, Italy.
- School: La Scala Theatre School, Paris Opera Ballet School (under Nureyev)
- Companies: La Scala (principal, promoted to Etoile 2003/2004 season), Paris Opera Ballet, currently in his second season as Principal with the American Ballet Theatre.  He has also freelanced for Royal Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, and Vienna State Opera just to name a few.
- He has performed for the Queen of England as well as the President of Russia (for Maya Plistetskaya's 75th anniversary performance).  He has danced with famous partners such as Alessandra Ferri (he played Romeo in Ferri's Farewell performance in 2007), Darcy Bussel, Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Semionova, Julie Kent, etc. etc.
- So far this season with ABT, he is dancing Giselle with Herrera, and Lady of the Camellias with Kent

I'm a bit disappointed that he isn't doing Don Q or Swan Lake because I think he would look amazing as a toreador or wearing white tights.  tehee
Anyways his body is freaking amazing, and forget that, LOOK AT HIS FACE!!  And if you listen to his interview (check out youtube, my best friend), he has the hottest Italian accent.  And I suppose he also speaks French and of course English now.  I love him dancing with Alessandra Ferri... I only wish they would publish a video of them doing Romeo & Juliet together.  That would be the day.  Until then, I suppose the video with him and Kent will do (check out the video clip below).  Also watch him do Manon with Ferri (it's breathtaking and you will cry). 

I should stop professing my love to him and do some homework and ice my spasm-ing back.  enjoy the pictures (I didn't put up the nudes because I wanted to keep it PG, but it was sooo tempting). 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

cherub rock

Class In Leotard Style 611

"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins... part of an awesome album by the way. =]

So I went ahead and ordered my pointe shoes, jet glue, ribbons, and new Sweat-Ez Shorts (aka garbage-bag shorts).  And I had some extra moolah, so I sort of splurged and bought a new leotard from Class In Boutique in NYC!!  I've never worn their leotards before, but they're beautiful and I couldn't resist!   I definitely want to check out their boutique and make a custom leo (last time I went they were closed).  Anyways will let you know how much I love it when it comes in!

So I went to the beach today!!  So happy!  Oh and belated news: I am now vegetarian - or at least until graduation because it's too hard being vegan at this boarding school.

Friday, March 25, 2011

whole lotta love

"Whole Lotta Love" Led Zeppelin

Thought I would do a post about my pointe shoes. I have been wearing various sizes of Grishko for about five years now! Wow, but it seems so much shorter! Anyways, Currently I wear Grishko 2007 XXX 4.5 Soft or Medium shank. Sometimes I wear a XXXX depending on what kind of rehearsals and classes I have. If I'm wearing the XXX, I only wear half-socks underneath my tights. If I'm wearing the XXXX, I will wear Ouch Pouch toe pads since there is alot of space inside.

Break-in Process:
First I turn the shoe upside-down and stick the vamp underneath a table leg, and then I sit on the table and try to crush the shoe so that it breaks in at the middle of the shank. If this doesn't actually "break" the shank, I crush the shoe in the same spot in the cracks of a strong door (be careful not to break the door, I've done that before). If the shoe has broken in this one spot, than I have accomplished, if not, I will most likely throw out the shoe because I probably won't be able to go over the box when I'm wearing them. =/

Second: Hammer-time. Yes, I do carry a hammer in my dance bag. It has been through alot with me. I don't know how it got past airport security. Anyways I'll hammer the vamp on the sides because I have bunions on my pinky and big toes.

Third: If the shoe, for some reason, is really hard, I just spray some water on them, wrap them in leg warmers, and keep them there for an hour before wearing for class.

Sewing Process: the usual, ribbons (I prefer Freed ribbons), one strap across of thick elastic... Instead of sewing two different strands of ribbon per shoe, I only sew on one. It's one long strip that goes through the shoe (so it is literally underneath my arch when I'm wearing the shoes). It actually helps the shoe hug my foot more and give me more support depending on how tight I sew it. I also like to darn the tips of my shoes. It is a long tedious process and my fingers kill afterwards, but in the end it helps balancing so much. One warning, don't darn if your floors are sticky because they make things much more slippery despite your long amazing balances.

Anyways that's it for now! I have my first Spanish rehearsal tomorrow (I missed my first two rehearsals due to auditions).

Please note the picture below is NOT MY FEET.  OOh how much I wish they were =]

Grishko 2007

Thursday, March 24, 2011

mr. tambourine man

"mr. tambourine man" bob dylan. of course.  Interesting fact, this was the first song I learned to play on the guitar (not counting 'smoke on water' i mean)

I thought the topic of this post could be about one of my passions: art.  Ever heard of G. H. Rothe?  If not, she is an amazing German mezzotint master (she practically invented it).  Her art compositions are beautiful and lots are ballerinas!  Woot woot! This is how she does it, in her own words,

"I carve my images into copperplates directly with a diamond. Then I pit the surface with a chisel-like tool called a rocker. When the ground work is done, I use a steel burnisher quite extensively to shape my images as one would do in a fine barr relief but working in reverse. After I pull a proof print from the copperplate, I cover the surface anew with fine pitted holes using the rocker, eliminating thought in action, practicing Karma Yoga. The experience of layering images and the x-ray shapes is guided by the mind's eye. I feel but cannot see the picture underneath the second layer of pits. As the essence of life is an unknown force, I see when I don't look."

Anyways I love all of her stuff.  There are sooo many! Check out this website:  More G.H. Rothe art!!!

I think it's awesome how everything looks layered.  Like you can see the bones, tendons, and muscles under all the skin, yet everything looks so soft.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


"something" beatles

Back at school.  I must say, I cried.  I didn't want to come back.  I'm just thinking to myself, 71 more days until I am no longer a student.  It's creepy.  Very very creepy.  I have made my decision.  I am going to Pittsburgh next year.  Although I am nervous, I am excited to be doing something on my own.  Guess I need to get a car and go apartment shopping.

We are doing Swan Lake Act 3 for our spring show (along with other pieces and contemporary).  I am a Spanish dancer.  So I suppose I could go ahead and throw out my pointe shoes....  I wish they would give out more dancing roles.  Wouldn't it be better to do a production such as Paquita where atleast 7 people get variations?  Or Sleeping Beauty prologue with the 6 fairies?  Or just do a Rep show with a bunch of pas de deux and trois?  Sometimes I really don't understand the way this school runs.  I want to have my own academy when I grow up, and do it the right way (or rather the way I think is best).  Atleast I am just thankful to be fortunate and able to go to a ballet conservatory.

Anyways this is a link to part of what we're doing.  I am in Spanish dance (1:45) Enjoy!

Would you rather take a picture or have your picture taken?

I would prefer taking pictures because it's more of my thing. But I love having my picture taken with friends for fun and memories!

Ask me anything!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

youth america grand prix today

Me and my friend at State Liberty Park (just imagine the statue of liberty all the way to the right of us)
OK, so I'm not listening to any music right now, so I actually gave this post a normal title.  I am going to go watch YAGP today!!! Woooo!  My spring break has been awesome so far, but I am waay more excited for today and tomorrow.  Three of my classmates are competing!  I also heard Mayari Magri is competing doing Odile.  I hope I get to see her!  Will make a better post when I have more time!

Monday, March 14, 2011

doesn't alcohol look beautiful tonight?

"doesn't alcohol look beautiful tonight" ballyhoo!

So I flew to the city of bridges (aka Pittsburgh) on Friday, took Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre audition Saturday, drove home Saturday night.  And here I am!  Audition went well, I felt at home (has it really been 7 months?).  Audition went well, however no job openings... =/ Got offered grrad program. So now I have five days to decide where I'm going for summer and until APril to find out where I am going next year.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

beautiful stranger

"beautiful stranger" madonna from austin powers soundtrack (awesome song, hilarious movie)
 "Becky" style leotard from yumiko store online....  I love yumikos, not the price, but their style, colors, and most importantly comfort and quality.  I have several Yumi's from throughout the Christmas seasons (thanks mom and dad) and they look brand new.  My only complaint is that I like Russian leotards that ride up on the hips.  So I always roll up the sides to go up higher on my hips.  Also, it would be nice to have some pinching options.  I always safety pin and pinch them, but I'm scared it will rip the lyrca.  Anyways if you have some extra moolah to spend, invest (and I mean literally "invest") in a yumiko because they are worth it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Prudence

The next few pics are from the fouettes, so I tried to put them in the right order =]
Here are some pics of my contemporary piece from this weekend.  Sorry it's been a few days, I must get myself up to date.  The competition went really well!

My contemporary was the first of my two variations to perform.  I went onstage rushed because I didn't know I was on deck until I heard my name called (the number before me dropped out of the competition or something)... so I ran to the rosin box and than literally walked onstage.  It was my own choreography, and I had been the most nervous about this piece because I've never choreographed before and it felt choppy.  So backstage I was just going over it again and again and doing some improving.  Everything was going fine (maybe a bit rushed actually), until one part where I completely forgot the choreography.  I didn't blank out for a second; I just started improving and it turned out fine!  Then I caught up 20 seconds later and did my rotating fouettes (I mean like changing the spot to each side of the room - or theatre).  The judges enjoyed it I think, especially the music ("One of These Days" by Pink Floyd, edited by my brother) and the fact that I choreographed it.  I noticed that my piece was different from all the other contemporaries because all the other ones were more lyrical (some even had lyrics!).  Anyways this piece won the "Medallion" (which I suppose is a platinum equivalent!!!!).

My classical didn't go as well.... I had been practicing backstage for what felt like an hour, and I had done everything perfect - I had even done triple attitude pirouettes!! Then it came my turn (again I was surprised because the number before me dropped out).  So again I rushed for rosin and rushed onstage.  No worries, I had been prepared to not be prepared this time (if that makes sense).  I did the first diagonal well, and then I fell right before the second diagonal.  It all happened so fast, I don't remember how, but I know I slipped in the downstage right corner.  I got right back up, but the rest of the variation suffered because I felt shocked.  I fell out of my pirouette menege (that I had perfected only an hour before!).  Oh well. That was that.  I still managed to get a gold though!

I also was awarded a scholarship to Ajkun Ballet summer in NY.  I hate this because it feels like bragging, but I'm just so happy and glad that I decided to do this competition even though everyone was telling me not too (including my director and parents).  I really enjoyed seeing other people in the senior division perform.  Although I must say, that I felt like all they do is prepare for competitions which isn't good for training.  I am appreciative for my studies last year with my Vaganova teacher.

This is all for now, I think I've bragged enough, no?  haha. Enjoy the pics, my uncle took them =]

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 1 Complete

Phew.  I finished Day 1 of the competition.  Still have two more days, tomorrow is especially the toughie.  Today we had to learn a short contemporary in half an hour, then have a technique class (with 3 judges and cameras all over), then learn a variation in an hour, and then perform the contemporary and variation.

The contemporary was very short and to the point.  I didn't really like it as much, but giving the time and space constraints, it went well.  Technique class was alright. Just very crowded.  I had actually forgotten to go with my group for the tendu combination.  I can't believe how empty-headed I was.  The variation was Swanilda's entrance from Act 1. 

I have never learned this variation, only watched it on Prix de Lausanne.  I thought it was hard, but when I did it, it was actually very easy. 

I'm so bushed, I'm going to bed.  Need alot of energy for tomorrow. and God bless my mother for doing all this driving.  Will write more tomorrow if I can!

xoxo Wish me luck!

Friday, March 4, 2011

no sleep til brooklyn

My Mom sewing my tutu =]

Florida Turnpike around 4PM
"No Sleep Til' Brooklyn" Beastie Boys

Just some quick picks in our room.... We had to fix the tutu, it's quite old apparently.  It was originally a Raymonda tutu. Anyway my Mom wanted to take some pics, and she is quite humorous as you can see.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

visions of johanna

"Visions of Johanna" by Bob Dylan

So the first photo is Gamzatti with POB... And underneath should be a link to Natalia Osipova in Gamzatti with Bolshoi.  I am doing half and half; everything is what Osipova does except the turning sequence I am doing POB Elisabeth Platel style with the mini-menege.

Anyways I am leaving very soon, just waiting for my mom to come pick me up.  I am very very very VERY excited!  

We're going to go out for a jog, then shower and see my chiro for any last minute adjustments and massages.  Then we're driving to Orlando!

I promised my friend to blog my series of events this weekend (of course I would have anyway).  My Mom had some bad luck.  First of all, she drove all the way from New England to Florida by herself without stopping to sleep.  Second, she got stung by a jellyfish four times on her leg, and she didn't go to the hospital (she is so strong).  Third, she lost her car keys.  No worries, a billion dollars later, she now has a replacement set.  I suppose we won't be going out to eat anymore.

List of things to do: buy false eyelashes (those nasty buggers... hate them), buy bobby pins, sew hooks and eyes on tutu, go over choreography.  That's all I can think of for now.  I feel like I'm forgetting something.  I burned all the CD's yesterday (three CD's per variation just in case).  Oh, I still need to go through pointe sheos and find good turning shoes.

Yesterday I had a quick five-minute rehearsal that I wasn't prepared for (i wore my bad turning shoes), and everyone was watching including the director and teachers and entire student body AND my mom.  It went well except the turning sequence menege.  My right shoe just wasn't cooperating.  Very embarrassing, and I'm sure everyone felt obligated to clap at the end (or at least my big menege allegro was decent).  I do feel that my stamina as tremendously increased and I can easily do this variation as long as I remember to breathe.

So I promise to take photos of my crazy weekend!! Much love xoxo