Wednesday, March 9, 2011

beautiful stranger

"beautiful stranger" madonna from austin powers soundtrack (awesome song, hilarious movie)
 "Becky" style leotard from yumiko store online....  I love yumikos, not the price, but their style, colors, and most importantly comfort and quality.  I have several Yumi's from throughout the Christmas seasons (thanks mom and dad) and they look brand new.  My only complaint is that I like Russian leotards that ride up on the hips.  So I always roll up the sides to go up higher on my hips.  Also, it would be nice to have some pinching options.  I always safety pin and pinch them, but I'm scared it will rip the lyrca.  Anyways if you have some extra moolah to spend, invest (and I mean literally "invest") in a yumiko because they are worth it.

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AGourd said...

I'm so annoyed with the leg line of Yumis because I love them oh so much! haha