Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dear Prudence

The next few pics are from the fouettes, so I tried to put them in the right order =]
Here are some pics of my contemporary piece from this weekend.  Sorry it's been a few days, I must get myself up to date.  The competition went really well!

My contemporary was the first of my two variations to perform.  I went onstage rushed because I didn't know I was on deck until I heard my name called (the number before me dropped out of the competition or something)... so I ran to the rosin box and than literally walked onstage.  It was my own choreography, and I had been the most nervous about this piece because I've never choreographed before and it felt choppy.  So backstage I was just going over it again and again and doing some improving.  Everything was going fine (maybe a bit rushed actually), until one part where I completely forgot the choreography.  I didn't blank out for a second; I just started improving and it turned out fine!  Then I caught up 20 seconds later and did my rotating fouettes (I mean like changing the spot to each side of the room - or theatre).  The judges enjoyed it I think, especially the music ("One of These Days" by Pink Floyd, edited by my brother) and the fact that I choreographed it.  I noticed that my piece was different from all the other contemporaries because all the other ones were more lyrical (some even had lyrics!).  Anyways this piece won the "Medallion" (which I suppose is a platinum equivalent!!!!).

My classical didn't go as well.... I had been practicing backstage for what felt like an hour, and I had done everything perfect - I had even done triple attitude pirouettes!! Then it came my turn (again I was surprised because the number before me dropped out).  So again I rushed for rosin and rushed onstage.  No worries, I had been prepared to not be prepared this time (if that makes sense).  I did the first diagonal well, and then I fell right before the second diagonal.  It all happened so fast, I don't remember how, but I know I slipped in the downstage right corner.  I got right back up, but the rest of the variation suffered because I felt shocked.  I fell out of my pirouette menege (that I had perfected only an hour before!).  Oh well. That was that.  I still managed to get a gold though!

I also was awarded a scholarship to Ajkun Ballet summer in NY.  I hate this because it feels like bragging, but I'm just so happy and glad that I decided to do this competition even though everyone was telling me not too (including my director and parents).  I really enjoyed seeing other people in the senior division perform.  Although I must say, that I felt like all they do is prepare for competitions which isn't good for training.  I am appreciative for my studies last year with my Vaganova teacher.

This is all for now, I think I've bragged enough, no?  haha. Enjoy the pics, my uncle took them =]

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