Thursday, June 30, 2011

photographer spotlight: Melissa Dooley

melissa.dooley. [dancer/photographer]
Other than the amazing feeling I get when I dance, the other incredible aspect of dance is being around people from all over the place with different talents.  Above technique and extension and false eyelashes, to me, artistry is the most important part of ballet. What fuels a dancer's artistry?  Only God knows... people, culture, music, lyrics.... I don't know! Anything!  For me, mostly it's music and my own emotions.  I get inspired from so many things, but especially art.  Photography included.

This brings me to Melissa.  I met her last summer at an intensive program.  Not only is she an amazingly gifted dancer, but she's also a fantastic photographer.

"Melissa Dooley started taking pictures because photography offered her a visual representation and artistic way of remembering her life. Though a ballet dancer herself, it was not until 2009 that she began photographing dancers. “We usually find that the average photographer does not choose flattering angles and correct positions,” she says. “We want to look longer and leaner but still with a grand presence.”

Having just completed the Graduate Program with Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, Melissa will be an apprentice with The Alabama Ballet in Birmingham next season.
If you’d like to connect with Melissa, find her on Facebook. Melissa says, “It really means so much to be able to share my photography, especially with the ballet community.”

- Dance Advantage Blog

Here are some of her pictures from her flickr.


"Central Park"


"My Favorite. So if you are a ballerina, at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater, and are bored on a Saturday night, this is what you do. Kiera kindly volunteered her face to be decorated and photographed. Twas a fun evening thank you Andrew and Camille for your coaching as well. Camille you are next!"


"Fall back."

"What to do when there is a blizzard outside."


"Rapture Day ended with triumph!"

"Take a Look at What You've Become."

"This is what happens when you are snowed in on your day off. It literally has been snowing for hours now. You can see my loads of peach fuzz here and how the green sprinkles I had in the cabinet stick gracefully to it!"

"Let me read your palm."

"Taken at the Earnest Hemingway House in Key West, FL. This palm was actually extremely giant, even though you can not tell from this photo, such a lovely estate.".


"These set lines do not fit.
Every time we adapt, amend, or arrange,
My sanity seems split.
These set lines do not falter.
They do not waver, whiffle, or wiggle-waggle,
These set lines will not alter."
 So check out her FLICKR.
She has so many amazing photos, and she's always updating.

Enjoy your rest of the week everyone!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

dancer spotlight; alessandra ferri

alessandra ferri.
royal ballet, american ballet theatre, teatro alla scala
It should be no surprise that Alessandra Ferri is one of my favorite dancers.  We're both short and have broad shoulders.  Only HUGE difference is that she has the best feet in the world. 

She trained at La Scala Theatre Ballet School in Milan (where she was born) and finished her studies at the Royal Ballet School.  Upon graduation in 1980 she joined the Royal Ballet and was soon promoted to Principal dancer in 1984.  In 1985 she left Royal Ballet for ABT by special invitation from Baryshnikov.  In 1992 she also accepted the position of Prima Ballerina Assoluta at La Scala Ballet Theatre.  She retired in 2007 with her farewell performance of Romeo and Juliet with Italian partner Roberto Bolle.

She is best known for her romantic and neo-classical performances (such as Giselle, Manon, and of course Romeo and Juliet).  She is considered by most, the best Juliet ever to live (I have to agree).

Monday, June 27, 2011

heart shaped box

"heart shaped box" nirvana. classic. love.

Update!  In Pittsburgh at the SI!! woot woot!  Classes were hard today since it's been about a month since class and 2-3 months since pointe.  Ouch.  Hope I didn't leave a bad impression already because it was so challenging and actually awkward for me!

At least I'm all settled and unpacked.  That's a relief.  right now I'm icing my hips and achilles (need to ice my back as well).  We're going to the pool later (and there's a steam room thank the lord).

Repertory rehearsals start tomorrow!  Very very excited.  I'm praying it's not Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, or Paquita (although I have a feeling it's Paquita).  We shall soon find out!

Will post soon!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

photoshoot with stef.

"fat old sun" pink floyd.

Finally, as promised; the pics from the photoshoot!  It was our first time working together on a more serious level, but I have to say, my sister is freaking awesome.  My sister is a wicked photographer (check out her new BLOG and her TUMBLR).  She just started the blog (but I'm sure it'll be awesome), and she's been using the tumblr for a while now.

We took the pics with her amazing photography camera.  Inspiration? Nothing really exact... the shoot was completely random, so we let our clothes inspire for the lines of the photos.  We had random music shuffling on (I recall some red hot chili peppers). We had wanted to go outside for a more natural setting, but it was stifling hot, so we stayed indoors.  After much consideration, I decided to take down at least 100 magazine pictures on one of my walls (it was sad, but I feel much more relieved, and my room looks alot more open).  So we used this free wall for the shoot. ENJOY!

before the shoot. going to miss those pictures

don't judge. this definitely isn't a true posse.
love this one of her
this totally looks like an Aldo shoes campaign

En moi: Tilly's bandeau, H&M sweater, Ralph Lauren slacks, Bandolino pumps, pearl, geek glasses
En Stef:: American Apparel tunic, Hollister belt, Boutique9 pumps

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!  Keep checking posts!  Future posts will include: photographer spotlight, jewlery, another corkboard storyboard 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

another day in nyc!! (part 5?)

"territorial pissings" nirvana. intro is boss.

Fun last few days!  We had family over for Father's Day, and my sister and I did that awesome photoshoot (still editing the pictures, as promised, don't worry just keep checking my posts!!).

corn on the cob, salsa, homemade coleslaw, edamame and cucumber salad. YUM.  I have to say; pictures of food give me such joy.... and HUNGER.
Turtle Pond, Central Park, near 79th
Belvedere Castle, near Turtle Pond, Central Park. how beautiful is that veil?????!!!!!

Monday I went into NYC for the day.  I caught up with a few old friends (going to miss them like crazy).  Then I headed over to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit.... but it was closed!!!  I felt so proud to have walked all the way across Central Park and up all those steps (gossipgirl anyone?), and then the security guard said it was closed.  Felt like the end of the world.  So I sucked it up and bought an ice cream and started walking up more past the Guggenheim (which I knew was closed so I didn't bother).  Then I headed over to a suggested thrift store, but no luck there.  So I started making my way downtown to the closest train, and I ended up making love to the H&M on 86th.

Class In leotard!!! H&M high-waisted denim shorts. finally!! =D oh and please ignore the hunch-back here.
The shorts were perfect, AND they were like half off! How could I say no?  The leotard, I'll admit, was a splurge.  But the color is amazing for me, and it's just too pretty.  So after my mischievous rendez-vous with H&M, I rode down to Times Square and then rode to the upper west headed for Lincoln Center. There I met up with another friend and her mom.
Lincoln Center Fountain!!! decked out in AA and birkenstocks =]
We watched ABT's Coppelia with Natalia Osipova and Daniik Simkin.  GAAAHH!!  Osipova was beautiful as always.  There was one part where she was impersonating a Spanish Doll, and I swear on my life, she was born to do Spanish anything.  I must see her in Kitri next year. Must.  Simkin is soo cute!  He was the perfect Franz.  Everything was perfection except he almost fell at the end of his turns, and he didn't look strong enough to lift Osipova (who is only 5 foot, 4).  The production was great (staged by Freddie Franklin); costumes were pretty although I wish there had been more colors, especially for Swanilda.  I love the music as well.  I never realized how much Coppelia my pianists use in everyday classes.  I really enjoyed the show (and it was only two hours, which was a relief).  I am certainly pleased with the shows I watched this year at ABT.  Now I only hope they do Lady of the Camellia's and Don Q next year.  I'm scared Julie Kent will be leaving soon (25 years!!) so I'd like to see her with Roberto Bolle in Camellias.

from left: Hee Seo, Vitali Krauchenka, Simone Messmer, Daniil Simkin, Natalia Osipova, Roman Zhurbin, Luciana Paris, some dude i don't know.
As for today, early early this morning (when I got home), I ordered beautiful Oxfords from Aldo ON SALE and FREE SHIPPING. Yes, oh yes.
so excited to get in the mail!!!
 I also got these desert boots a week ago from Aldo:

IN LOVE. oh, and ON SALE!! yeahh baby!

Today I took my first ballet class in a month, and I put on pointe shoes for the first time in 2-3 months.  It felt soo strange!  Class was very hard, but tomorrow it will be even harder.  My back started "shocking" when I bent over to tie my ribbons... guess I will ice and everything tonight.  I'm scared for Pittsburgh SI.  I'm so so so so badly out-of-shape.

my cat, Chloe, but better known as The Pussy. she likes fish and cold tables in the summertime.
Trying to keep positive, so I will go edit more pictures from the photoshoot.  Oh and look for a future post about one of my friends from Pittsburgh who is a freakishly amazing photographer.  Au revoir, mes amis!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

v for vendetta

Right now I'm watching V for Vendetta.  My mom is laying next to me falling asleep (like always), and I'm editing some pictures and preparing for tomorrow's trip to NYC.  Anyways how awesome is this movie?  It's nothing at all what I thought it would be.  First off, how cool is V's "Guy Fawke" mask??!!  He is brilliant, and I love how he is so eloquent.  Portman is also incredible; her accent is believable, and I still can't believe she actually had her hair shaved off for this movie!  She still looks gorgeous with no hair, I must admit.

Today before celebrating with my dad and grandfather, my sister and I had our first photoshoot together.  I went through my closet and tried on these amazing slacks my mom left me.  I thought they would look weird, but they are freaking amaazing!  First of all, they're high-waisted - which I love.  Secondly the buttons in the front are so so so cool!  They're also comfy and flowy.  The bandeau I found at a small store in the mall, and the sweater is my sister's from H&M.  Necklace and earrings from Pav =] and nerdy glasses from a friend.

Here is a sneak peek of the outfit... I also want to put up some pics I took of my sister.  I am very excited to watch Natalia Osipova and Daniil Simkin in Coppelia tomorrow!  Whilst I'm in NYC, I think I will also check out Alexander McQueen's exhibit at the Met Museum.  I also want to go to the Modern Museum of Art.  Oh how I love the city.

no idea why it's orientated this way because it's saved right side up. who knows?

This is my last week before summer intensive starts!  Going to enjoy it, and I hope the weather will be beautiful.  Good week everyone!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have you ever raped someone / been raped?

haaaha. NO

Ask me anything!

new york city --- part four. abt's the bright stream

 ABT; the Bright Stream: I finally got to see it!  Biggest surprise of my life was a sudden cast change from Jose Manuel Carreno to IVAN VASILIEV!!!  The rest of the cast was literally amazing as well: Natalia Osipova, Ziomara Reyes, Daniil Simkin, Maria Ricceto, and  Simone Messmer just to name a few.  I walked about 60 blocks total (and in the rain) to see this show, and it was completely worth it.  This ballet is HILARIOUS!, the choreography is fantastic, and the dancing was unparalleled (at least in America hehe).  I would recommend this ballet for anyone from any age or ballet background (or lack of).  The audience was very diverse; young to old (toddlers and old senior toddlers), Americans, Asians, Russians, Europeans, etc.  Even though I watched alone, I didn't feel alone at all because everyone was enjoying the show together.  

Osipova's dancing was... well Osipova's dancing.  Flawless and incredible, jumping higher than most of the men.  Reyes was also fantastic and very cute.  Daniil Simkin; he is one talented man.  He was just as good en pointe as off.  IVAN VASILIEV: this was my first time watching him, and oh god, how I hope I can see him again.  He was so so so strong and full of character.  On top of this, his jumps and turns are incredible (he was doing TRIPLE TOURS). Yeah, that's right, that's what I said TRIPLE TOURS.  Soloists that stood out were Simone Messmer and Maria Ricceto.  They were amazing.

called "Sputniks", gift from Russia
from left from first red dress: Simone Messmer and her partner, Maria Ricceto and her partner, Xiomara Reyes, Ivan Vasiliev, Natalia Osipova, Daniil Simkin, the 'old' couple who were so cute and I can't find my libretto at the moment so I can't write their names =[
 I will be returning to nyc at least once more next week to watch ABT's Coppelia!  Will write again soon, hope you enjoyed!

new york city -- part three

Phew! Last week was incredible!  I am still recovering from all of that walking... but who cares?! I was in New York City!!  Again I stayed with friends, and it was incredible.

Day 1:The first day of my second NYC visit, we all headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I must admit, these past four years it has been one of my dreams to go to the Met Museum once again (I had gone once in sixth grade and didn't remember much from my adolescent experience).  What always made me want to go back was my favorite necklace my mom bought for me at the Met so long ago.  Ever since then I've been obsessed with the necklace as well as all Egyptian Eyes of Rah.  Anyhoo, the experience was replenishing, interesting, but most of all fun!
In front of the steps, most famously seen on Gossip Girl =]
the beautiful Corinthian columns

Japanese garden

Egyptian jewelry, I espiecally loved all the turquoise pieces!
Egyptian sandals. GOLD!!  Those toe pieces went on their toes when they died.
from the Greek/Roman section, so creative!  new love for vases
official Caesar style.
my friend and I really enjoyed taking pictures of beautiful derrieres tehe.
  check out that hoodie


in this painting, the girl in the middle right is in an attitude during her exam. dancers and mothers on the side.  jules perrot is teaching!

love the colors on this one.

LOVE SKETCHES. my life when I'm sitting out in class injured
favorites: my favorite art has always been impressionism and post-impressionism
close-up from Monet

the only Klimpt piece I could find!

one of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec's unique sketches

gosh how I have always loved Renoir. everything is so soft

Matisse. probably my favorite artist.

this was too funny not to post =]

cutest kids. ohhhmy

looks like the game frogger doens't it?

 This was a beyond-incredible trip that I hope to make again.  Will be going in to the city again soon to watch ABT's Coppelia!  Hope you enjoyed the post.