Wednesday, June 15, 2011

new york city -- part three

Phew! Last week was incredible!  I am still recovering from all of that walking... but who cares?! I was in New York City!!  Again I stayed with friends, and it was incredible.

Day 1:The first day of my second NYC visit, we all headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  I must admit, these past four years it has been one of my dreams to go to the Met Museum once again (I had gone once in sixth grade and didn't remember much from my adolescent experience).  What always made me want to go back was my favorite necklace my mom bought for me at the Met so long ago.  Ever since then I've been obsessed with the necklace as well as all Egyptian Eyes of Rah.  Anyhoo, the experience was replenishing, interesting, but most of all fun!
In front of the steps, most famously seen on Gossip Girl =]
the beautiful Corinthian columns

Japanese garden

Egyptian jewelry, I espiecally loved all the turquoise pieces!
Egyptian sandals. GOLD!!  Those toe pieces went on their toes when they died.
from the Greek/Roman section, so creative!  new love for vases
official Caesar style.
my friend and I really enjoyed taking pictures of beautiful derrieres tehe.
  check out that hoodie


in this painting, the girl in the middle right is in an attitude during her exam. dancers and mothers on the side.  jules perrot is teaching!

love the colors on this one.

LOVE SKETCHES. my life when I'm sitting out in class injured
favorites: my favorite art has always been impressionism and post-impressionism
close-up from Monet

the only Klimpt piece I could find!

one of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec's unique sketches

gosh how I have always loved Renoir. everything is so soft

Matisse. probably my favorite artist.

this was too funny not to post =]

cutest kids. ohhhmy

looks like the game frogger doens't it?

 This was a beyond-incredible trip that I hope to make again.  Will be going in to the city again soon to watch ABT's Coppelia!  Hope you enjoyed the post.


pav o said...

okay, two posts in one day? how am i so blessed?
first off: holy crap, the outside of the met is beautiful! those columns are gorgeous! and the gossip girl steps :) lovelovelove.
secondly: i love Japanese gardens; have you evr been to the morikami? it was beautiful when i went, and i went in like mid-january.
numero 3: i love the gold toe caps. i wonder why did they that.
4: vases are officially awesome to me. remember all the peruvian ones? THEY ARE SICKKK!
5: Caesar's crown thing is beautiful. all i want is one photoshoot with it. JUST ONE!!!
6. i love your romper!
7. those are some beautiful nyc skyline photos. i want that view one day. too bad i'm going to be a hobo. YES!

Rachel Carina said...

ahhh I never got to go to the Morikami Gardens!!!! =[ borrowed the romper from stef tehhehe... you could start a new trend and be a roof-hobo. that way you get the best view.