Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"angry chair"..... and some nutcracker pics

"angry chair" alice in chains

view of the audience from the stage sooo big!!
beautiful Benedum ceiling
snow costume
flowers costume
Three more shows left!!!  Thank gawd I'm not in the last one because I just want to get home before Christmas Eve!!  Right now I'm waiting for my friend to come over from the airport.  So excited!!!!  Anyways, I hope everyone's last shows are great!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

been cracking some nuts....

"see emily play" pink floyd.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker opened December 2nd with a huge bang (check out this REVIEW).  We've had shows every Friday night, Saturday morning/evening, and Sunday morning/early evening.  Right now we're about half way through, and I'm finally feeling relief

My first show I was a mental mess.  Completely horrible.  I honestly don't think I've ever been so nervous before going onstage before.  Perhaps because it was literally the first time I was wearing the costume, let alone stepping foot on the Benedum Theatre stage.  My first show I was casted in Snow.  Snow is usually my favorite part of Nutcracker because of the cheap paper snow that flutters down and swirling sequences, but this time it was a snowstorm from hell.  I didn't know which wing to enter or exit from.  I felt like a druggie suffering from withdrawal... paranoid is the first word that comes to mind.

I've had several other shows since then, and now I can comfortably say I am at ease as long as I breathe slowly backstage.  I've officially danced all my different parts in snow and flowers, and it's actually quite fun to dance onstage now!  All the makeup is killing my face.  My skin is so dry and my eye lashes are falling out from the eye falsies' glue.  You can always tell when a dancer has been performing alot onstage, and that's because her pointe shoes turn black on the sides and bottoms (sometimes on the top of the vamp as well).  I'm very fortunate to have three other pairs. 

Other than Nutcracker....
  • I've been using the facebook application called "Spotify" so much that the only time I open iTunes is when I must absolutely need to charge my iPod.
  • Suffering from drawing-block (like writers' block, except for artists... not that I'm an artist or anything... I just can't think of anything to draw).
  • started biting my nails yesterday since they didn't have polish on them.  So much for having nice long nails for the holidays.  Me and my horrible habits...
  • have been reading The Godfather since I always like reading the books before watching the films.  It's an awesome book by the way.  Now I'm oooober excited to watch the movie.
  • have rediscovered my love for hot cocoa
 **not my photography**

Anyways I hope everyone is getting ready for the holidays!  If you're close to Pittsburgh, please come out and see us perform!  We'll be here until the 23rd!!!!  Pssst bring your children to the lower lobby for pictures with the Sugar Plum and the Nutcracker to help our fund raiser for the school!! (I'll be there on the days I'm not onstage!)

Friday, December 2, 2011

love refinery29. period. the end.

There is one thing that I religiously do everyday.  Which is checking my Refinery29 subscription.  It's one of those few email subscriptions that is actually worth while.  Fashion, food, booze, and even great home decorations is what it's all about.  What I love most is that you can channel which location you want to read: such as NYC (my personal favorite for obvious reasons), San Fran, Chicago, L.A., and D.C.

So this morning I was extremely way beyond excited when I read today's post on COMBAT BOOTS!!!  I'm sure that if you've read my posts before, you will know about my obsession with shoes.  It's much more than an obsession.  It's an addiction, if you will.  (I will always try to skip the shoe section in the store, because if I see something, I will buy it.... which reminds me, I just bought these last week:
H&M $34
Ok, so to continue on with refinery's combat boots.....
Seychelles Jungle Boot $116
Laconia Zippers and Lace Boot $48.  I actually have these except I got them for $30 =]  As much as they are cute, they're cheaply made (heel has popped off and zipper just broke the other day).  I wouldn't recommend them.
Zeha Berlin $634. beyond in love right now.
Bed | Stu Hacienda boot $248.  for all those rugged hippies out there. myself included =]  

Nutcracker has officially started.  Today is opening night!  My first show is actually Sunday, and I get to dance both Snow and Waltz (Flowers).  Super super excited.  The Benedum Theatre is spectacular.  Dress rehearsals have been going well.  The scenery, costumes, and dancing are incredible!!!  I haven't been in such an amazing production since my first Nutcracker in Stamford, CT. 

So if you live in PA or the surrounding area, I highly encourage you to come out and see Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Nutcracker.  You will not be disappointed!!  For tickets: http://www.pbt.org/

Hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving!  23 days until Christmas!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Che Gelida Manina

"Che Gelida Manina" from Puccini's "La Boheme"    Beautiful.

Ok, haven't written in a while.  It's been a crazy week!  I'm officially 19.  Very scary. I hate that number. very much.  It's very frightening to know that I've been out of the womb and on this planet, this world, my conscious... for 19 years!  That's almost two decades!!  I'm turning into an old lady. Yuck.  What's funny is that when I was eighteen, I always forgot, and when asked my age, I always replied "17".  Time is my biggest fear and I feel like it's consuming me.  Always.

So because I was a cry-baby in 1992, I decided to research some of the things that happened that wonderful year of my birth.

First off, it was the year of the MONKEY.  Oh yeah.  Us monkeys thrive on having fun and are great listeners.  We love a hard challenge because it stimulates us and our curious brains.  Be careful with us though, we do like playing tricks on people and sometimes challenge too seriously.

Season 4 of Seinfeld (the best show ever made) aired.  It was rated the #1 TV show by TV Guide.  The show also won 3 out of 11 Emmy nominations that year.  One day after my day of birth the 50th episode"The Virgin" aired, and the week after "The Contest" aired (one of my favorite episodes).

The average cost of a gallon of gas was $1.05 (wow.)

Movies: Wayne's World (one of my favorite comedies), Aladdin, Home Alone 2

Unemployment: 7.5%

Federal Debt" $4002.1 billion (now it's almost $15 trillion?)

Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup!

Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi won Wimbledon! (hell yeah Pavla!)

The Silence of the Lambs won the Oscar, and my favorite actor Anthony Hopkins won Best Actor

Woahhh!! 1992 was awesome!

So for my birthday my friends and I went out to a hookah bar (something I should have done for my 18th.. oh well stupid boarding school rules).

eating yummy fattening chili-fries
It was an amazing birthday I will never forgot, and I love my friends so much for taking me out!! =]

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


"Hoppípolla" sigur ros

Just a random post because I felt like writing.  What a crazy week! Peter Pan was this weekend, and I got to watch two shows with two different casts.  I thought the dancing was fantastic, however I wasn't very impressed with the choreography.  I felt that some scenes could have been omitted, and that some characters should have been better developed.  Being that it's called "Peter Pan", I thought Peter should have been better portrayed and featured.  Perhaps because it was more of a "children's" ballet, they especially featured Tinker Bell (who really was cute).  Anyways the company was great, as were my classmates.

For those of you not in the northeast, you should know that Saturday was a surprise snow storm.  Completely out of the blue.  Here in Pittsburgh it snowed for probably about six hours or so, but nothing stuck.  At my home, they got a foot!!  My family (and town) is still without electricity and water.  My mom has been using the snow from outside for water.  Poor things.  At least they haven't had school!  That should be nice (however it must be freezing without heat).

We learned Aurora's act 2 variation (which I've honestly have never taken the time to learn because of my dislike for Sleeping Beauty).  But this variation is absolutely darling, and it's fun to make the movements.
Alina Cojocaru
We've also been studying La Vivandiere for the past 4-5 weeks.  They haven't even told us why.  I hope we will have the opportunity to perform it!  I watched this two years ago with the Trockadero Ballet, and it was hilarious.

Anyways, I hope people who experienced the storm are safe and with power!

Monday, October 24, 2011

strawberry fields

duquesne incline view of the pitts... love
"strawberry fields forever" beatles. one of my favorite beatles' songs

So this week was awesome!  My dad drove up for a visit (and to bring a dresser!! finally).  We went to the Church Brew Works (yes, it is a church... or was one. now it's a brewery) and for breakfast we went to Pamela's (amazing breakfast/lunch joint. you've never had a hotcake until you've had one HERE).

love graffitti.

 Ballet has been slow lately because the company has Peter Pan shows all weekend long.  It's been nice having a break from the constant hours we usually have.  I've been having a toe nail issue where there is another nail growing underneath which is creating lots of pressure and now it's bruising (or maybe bleeding, i'm not sure).  I wish the old nail would just die and come off!  It's been a month practically!

In my spare time, I've been studying Italian, playing guitar, and of course drawing (and painting with watercolors).  Here are some fashion illustrated-inspired pics.

decided to keep her bald for that v-for-vendetta natalie portman-look. who says girls aren't pretty bald? haha

this one is my sister with really fierce makeup.  i realize now that the eyes are completely uneven. wow oopsie

ok, so this one isn't fashion-inspired.  it's walter from the big lebowski (one of my favorite movies ever)
Off-topic, but I must say this.  I just made chili and the smell is wafting in my direction, and it's amazing.  yumyums.  It's for tomorrow when I have people over to watch Kill Bill Volume 2.  It's National Chili Month, so need to have it with the movie!

This past weekend we had a little Halloween party.  Ok, so my fairy-doll costume wasn't that creative since I basically wore what I wear everyday to dance.  But my friends all dressed up and it was lots of fun (and so many delicious treats!)

fairy doll, devil, pirate, and mime

On that note, I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful autumn!  (pssst the news said snow/rain this Thursday night!!! ahhhhh I'm going to cry.... I hate winter, and this is too soon)


Thursday, October 20, 2011

very ape

I'm actually watching/listening to a Woodstock collector's edition dvd set that I got from my friends as a gift.  It's awesome.  Why can't we have festival like this without people going crazy? gaaah. what is happening to the world?

So it's getting very nippy-nips.  So what if I'm from the northeast, my blood has thinned out from my two years in Florida.  Today was a bit of a wake-up call when I was waiting for the bus in my pathetic faux-leather "coat" with the wind blowing out my "secure" bobby pins.  I love fall fashion, so I've been doing a bit of online-window-shopping.  Usually it makes me end up feeling more depressed and empty-clothed.  I wish Christmas were sooner.

1. we the free oversized fleece moto jacket. yes, it's a jacket. so what.  it's autumn.  i just simply refuse to wear my winter coat in the FALL. never. going. to. happen.  anyways this would look sooooo good with leggings and my suede boots. mmmmm and a new bag =]
free people. $198. keep dreamin...

2. fever sequin bodycon skirt. i don't think i need to explain why i want this...
free people. $148. still dreamin...

3. unisex slouch turtleneck. love turtlenecks. so much.
american apparel $54.  in bijon blue. also in camel

4.nantucket fleece leisure pant. pssch. who wouldn't want these??
american apparel. $42. yummy

5. illustrated chiffon oversized button-up. ok, so really any button-up chiffon is awesome. but these graphics are pretty sweet, non?
more american apprel of course. $58.  i know it's more summer-ish. but i love it

6. the stanton satchel.
marc jacobs of course.  $1395

After much thought and consideration, I am not going to post any shoes.  If I start looking at them, I may go out and buy them.  That would not be good because I know I won't hesitate.  It hurts to say this, but I DON'T NEED ANYMORE SHOES (but in all reality, it doesn't hurt to have too many).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"fearless" pink floyd. need to learn this one.

October! Wow!  This will be my first autumn in the northeast for since two years ago!  Next to summer, the fall is definitely my favorite because it's so beautiful.  There's absolutely nothing as stunning (perhaps other than the beach) than when the leaves start changing colors, you don't sweat that much, and you can carve pumpkins!  To top it off, October has one of the best days ever -- Halloween!  Still not sure what I'm dressing as, but I'm definitely still going trick-or-treating!  Why not?  I guess looking like a kid pays off in some ways...  The weather has really been funky.  There was a cold front about two weeks ago, and then last week it was gorgie-hot!  It certainly was great weather for sight-seeing and the Columbus Day Parade.

Speaking of sight-seeing, my friends and I went to Mount Washington to see the view everyone is talking about.  And, man, were they right!  by the way, hold on your pants because there's going to be alot of pictures!

all the bridges.

Heinz stadium.  This was an hour or so after Sunday's game.  Steelers won!

What would this amazing view be without dance?  So of course we fooled around a bit.  Yeah, people were staring, but who cares?
yucky arms. but the skyline is amazing with this press

my favorite. love everyone
keep finding billboards all over pitts.

columbus day parade

columbus day parade in little italy.
what would this post be without a picture of food??  french onion soup (thanks to my mom for canning me some!). look at that cheese all melted. mmmmmmm
cute little stalker-kitty. followed me a block.... hopefully it went back home!

I also love the backs of the leaves.  you see all the stems' details? incredible. nature is so amazing.  i really want to do some crayon-press pictures.
Also please check out my TUMBLR!!!
Happy October everyone! And I hope to post something for Halloween!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

apartment shopping wishlist

"dreaming tree" dave matthews band

So I still haven't made an official "apartment post" because it's still far from ready.  I'm still missing a dresser, kitchen table, and other miscellaneous things.  As always, I am promising an apartment post as soon as it becomes a reality.  For now, here are some things I LOVE from UrbanOutfitters <3

Iron Scroll Coat Rack $79
Skull Stein Glass $12. How awesome is this??!!!
The Little Whizzer $24.  Won't even explain how cool this is.
Camille Wall Mirrors 3 of 3 $48.
Mustache Flared Mug $8
Think of this, but with cups.  Couldn't find the cup version online.  The cups were perfect for everything including rings and earrings.  This one is very nice too though.
Alice in Wonderland glasses $6/e
Black Floral Enamel knob $8
Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow $39. this would be perfect. like the 'dark green'
Knuckle Duster Mug $24
Vintage Floor Lamp $119. my place is very dark, so this would be a great lighter and space-saver

In other news....
We've finished learning Flowers and Snow! Woot woot.  From now on and until December, we'll just be cleaning it up.  The foot that I apparently sprained in August is fine.  This past week I actually got to do petit allegro and some grand allegro.  I am however getting a pain in my shins, especially in one spot on my left shin.  So for now, I'm just icing and taking jumps easier than I normally do.  My back is also acting up as it always does when I start pushing that arabesque higher.  It's like a vicious cycle of beautiful arabesques and back pains/shocks.

I also got a job!  I'm working at a new holistic cafe!  It seems like it will be perfect because of its location and what it has to offer.  My boss says he's planning for an open-mic where people can come in and just express themselves.  (Maybe, hopefully I can get something prepared on the guitar? or explore poetry?).  Anyways I'm very excited to let my inner-hippie out.

My friends and I went to the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville for lunch yesterday.  It's an old church-turned-brewery.  It felt weird to be dining in a church. And I will admit, walking down the aisle and not receiving the body and blood of Christ was a bit bizarre.  Beer in a church?!  Who knew... Pittsburgh is getting more and more interesting.  Anyways it was a bit pricy, but a must-go-to.  I had already eaten lunch, and I had a hankering for dessert, so I ordered the Malted Bread Pudding.  Since it is now Oktoberfest, it was pumpkin flavored with pumpkin ice cream.  So so so so good. The dessert was like twice the size of my head, but I still managed to eat half of it (I would've eaten the whole if I could).

Hope everyone is enjoying their nice weather (which isn't nice in Pitts!!!!!!).  I'm praying for a car to avoid waiting for the bus in the snow.  Until then, scarves, gloves, and more scarves!!!