Friday, April 29, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

Currently listening to the whole dark side of the moon album. "us and them" playing at the moment.

Today was kinda crazy.  My head was hurting a little, but it stopped after I took some pills ("pills are good" - dumb and dumber).  My variation class we did the second Odalisque variation (second var.).  I got frustrated because I knew the choreography and music, and my teacher said I was wrong.  I know I was right, and so did everyone in the room.  I'll stop complaining.  It turns out the same time I had variations, our partnering teacher got nose-whipped, and he was bleeding.  His nose looked a bit crooked afterwards but he's fine.  Then I had contemporary rehearsal.  It went well, especially since it was my second time running the pas de deux section.  

So happy one of my coolest friends, hem hem, pav, started blogging (check her out!).  She made her first post early early this morning.. or late last night? Well anyways hit her up, I predict her blog will be amazing.  Anyways she inspired me (yet again for the tenth time?) with her first post, so I am going to do a similar post with things about me (not put in ranking order)

#1."Dark Side of the Moon" album

How amazing is this album?  It's too amazing for words to express.  I'm one of those people that like to listen to albums, not songs.  And this album is perfect.  "And if the cloud bursts thunder in your ear.  You shout but no one seems to hear.  And if the band your in, starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon".

My brother took me to a Machine (most perfect pink floyd cover band) concert at BB King's for xmas.  It was so freaking amazing.  If The Machine comes to your town, GO SEE THEM.

I must say, my other favorite Pink Floyd album is "Wish You Were Here".

Stephen King.  Ok, so I don't like him, I just like reading his books.  I've read Dead Zone, It, The Shining, The Stand, Desperation, Cujo, Thinner, and probably others I can't remember.  All of them are amazing and so much better than the movies.


LA VITA E BELLA: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL; This is my absolute most favorite movie ever.  I have an obsession with Italian films, due to my innate Italian pride.  It's such a beautiful film; it's comedic, dramatic, and romantic.  If you don't like crying watching films, DO NOT watch this.  Roberto Benigni is so talented, and his portrayal of this young boy's father is so loving and protective and innocent.  The little boy is ADORABLE.  I just want to squeeze his cheeks and watch him run on those short legs. Nicoletta Braschi of course, is beautiful.  Too bad I am not fluent in Italian, because at least the subtitles are beautiful.

Other awesome Italian films that I love: Cinema Paradiso, La Piccolo Diavolo (also with Benigni), and Amarcord.

SHOES. I love them way too much than my wallet does (or my mother's).  I'd rather buy one pair of shoes than a bunch of cute outfits.  They're worth it.

Natalia Osipova. My favorite ballerina presently dancing.  I love how she involves herself in each character.  Oh course those jumps are amazing, and she definitely jumps higher than the men  I saw her do Giselle (best night of my life ever) and Sleeping Beauty.  One of my dreams is to see her in Don Q.  I love her to death, and I can't wait to see her in Coppelia and The Bright Stream in June.

  Maya Plisetskaya. My favorite ballerina EVER.  Her autobiography is really interesting, and I can't believe all things that she had to go through in her life.  I look up to her most, and I wish I could meet her.  She is THE best odette/odile, and her Bolero is incredible.  Only Natalia Osipova can jump like her.  Did you know that Maya is one of the ballerinas in Chagall's painting at the Metropolitan Opera House?

#7. H&M is the best clothing store. Period.  I have definitely spent the most money at this store, but it was all worth it.  Love the H&M on 5th ave.  I love how they're coming out with alot of designer lines that are more affordable.  This season is so cool - lots and lots o' denim!  (I'm still looking for the perfect high-waisted denim shorts, in case anyone cares).

I HATE how there are no H&M's in Florida.  IT BLOWS.  I always have to wait for when I go home to shop there.  Maybe one day they will spread to the south.  Or even open their online store to the U.S. too! (what's up with that? american store not selling in america online?)

I don't understand. non capisco.

Giselle.  My most favorite ballet.  I love romantic ballets over the classics, and this tops them all.  The thing I love most about this ballet is the music.  I can listen to Act II everyday for the rest of my life... easily (and I do).  It sounds so spooky yet so sincere and soothing.  Giselle needs to be played by a smaller dancer, and by someone who can transform themselves from an innocent peasant girl to a crazy heart-broken woman, and to a spirit.  

I can never figure out Albrecht.  (but I suppose it depends on who is playing Albrecht).  I feel like he is almost the 'hero' of the ballet.  But then again, he can't be the hero.  He pretends to fall in love with Giselle, just so that he can have a good time (sort of sounds like some men today, no?), and then of course everything crashes up into pieces... Giselle goes mad and her poor little heart breaks because it's too weak.  Talk about a romantic ballet...

My favorite part to watch is definitely the Mad Scene and Act II when the Willis are arabesque-chugging across the stage.  

Best Giselle versions: #1 Carla Fracci = best Giselle EVER.  I think most people would agree with this.  Paris Opera Ballet with LaĆ«titia Pujol is incredible.  The corps de ballet is literally so perfect, it's unbelievable. I absolutely adore Alessandra Ferri as Giselle.  She is so light and airy.  Alina Cojocaru is also a wicked Giselle, but I don't like the Royal Ballet in it.  Svetlana Zakharova is way too tall...  Again I must say, Giselle needs to be a smaller dancer with broader shoulders and beautifully parted hair.

#9. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  One of my most favorite books.  Only thing is that I hate re-reading it, I can't, because it honestly loses its touch each time.  Nonetheless I enjoy Holden Caulfield's rambling thoughts about phoniness.  Honestly, I do.  Sometimes I feel like I can relate to him when I'm feeling depressed.  Afterall, I go to a freaking boarding school that I hate.  Miss my sister and family.  I've even thought about just leaving my school, but it's so close to graduation.  I also don't call up random people I've barely acquainted myself with... or prostitutes for that matter.

also #9.  This book has greatly influenced me since I first read it in middle school. It's amazing how its told through a young adolescent, yet it explains so much from an adult point of view.

I'm starting to feel another headache coming on.  Alors, je dois dormir.  Good night everyone!  Oh, and I think I saw about a minute of the "3 hour" wedding today.  Yippee. Her dress was nice I guess.  I only saw them sitting.  I don't fancy Willy much, but she's pretty atleast.  What is the big deal, why do so many girls like Willy?  Oh Willy Willy.... pourquoi?

Anyways I hope someone out there enjoyed my narcissistic post... then again this entire blog is conceited.

Ok. good night. buona notte. bon soir. boi noite 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

one's trash is another's treasure

"Spiegel im Spiegel" Arvo Part. check out Mats Ek's choreography to it.  He calls it "Smoke", and it's danced none other than the amazing Sylvie Guillem

So I spent about five hours napping today.  Headaches are no fun.  But on the bright side, my head feels alot better after taking some pseudoephedrine (wow that was a hard one to spell) and the light isn't bothering me as much.  Any hoo....

Haven't blogged in what seems like forever.  But it's really been less than a week.  Nonetheless I know some of my followers (hem hem...Pav) are getting antsy.  I thought I would do a post on some of my most favorite things you can find on my dresser such as tea cups, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.  I actually just received ALOT of it from my awesomely amazing friend, Pav (funny I think I write more about her than dance these days).  She was giving away a bunch of her stuff, so she let me snatch all my favorite picks first.  I feel like such a hoarder.

For the pictures, I was inspired by my old school's art class.  I always remember peaking in on the more advanced painting classes.  They did a project where they put a bunch of random items (like pictures, playing cards, necklaces, etc) on a cork board or picture frame.  Then they painted it exactly as it appeared.  Some of the paintings were so amazing that I thought they were real, and I had to touch them just to believe it was a painting!  Who knows, maybe I'll try that some day.  But thanks to my favorite art teacher at my old school and Pav for these awesomely inspired photos =]

Betsey Johnson glasses, watercolor painting by Pav's mom, love hemp bracelets- remind me of summer, evil eye greek bracelet.
really horrible philosophy book, but i'm still waiting maybe there's goodness in it.  my favorite necklace is the "eye of rah" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  also my birthstone ring, forever21 necklace, turquoise<3
those hard to see yellow earrings are from my beloved brother. he go them for me in italy.  rhinestones danglies from pav. can't wait to wear them!
Pray for Japan bracelet from Lady Gaga's website
awesome measuring cups!! wooo i love fishies.  (that picture in the background is me and my mommy!
Kitri tutu from a previous student

Saturday, April 23, 2011

rompahhh time!

"knights of cydonia" muse. this song is way too cool.

ASOS. For short-waisted people. like me. love the color. and of course i am obsessed with T-straps.
Bess. this sorta reminds me of a Barbie-doll.
So it's that time of year again. ROMPERS!!!  First off, how comfy are these?  Comfort is definitely my first priority, and let me tell you, I could wear rompers all day and night.  Would love to thank Refinery29 yet again for their awesome advice and ideas. 

American Rag.  Love how long it is, must be airy inside =]
Akira. time to bring sexy back. love shoulders like this since mine are so broad.  
BCBGeneration. and check out those heels. in love

I must admit, I only own one romper, but now I must definitely buy one for the summer!

Latest update: well I mean there really isn't an update.  But for those who actually bother to read this (hem hem pav), I am going to Miami tonight for my Senior Trip (SENIORS 11 !!!!!).  I can't believe I'm graduating in a month!  It's so scary, but I feel like I've been ready for it my whole life (or at least these past three years).  I am so excited to finally get myself out in the world and out of school.  To do what I've been wanting to do for the past 6 years of my life.   Even if I don't make it in the ballet profession, I know that I will always be connected with it.  I love photography and drawing, and it's something that I will always continue doing.  Maybe I will be a dance photographer.  I would also love to critique performances and to open my own school.  No matter what happens, I'm glad that I'm involved in such a beautiful art form.

So cheers for me and my seniors! Have a lovely weekend everyone... or anyone that reads this =D

Thursday, April 21, 2011

la bayadere show

"better man" pearl jam.

Last weekend my school had the amazing opportunity to watch Boca Ballet's La Bayadere featuring Gillian Murphy as Nikiya, Jose Manuel Carreno as Solor, Sarah Smith as Gamzatti, and Daniel Ulbricht as the Bronze Idol.  Before the show I realized that this was by no means a professional performance.  It was all non-profit and had many volunteers (especially parents) to help with the set, costumes, and even acting onstage.  I thought they had an amazing production; the sets and costumes were stunning and looked very real (almost too much like Boca Raton in a way).  It was nothing like POB's version of course (which by the way costs $5M), but it was definitely extravagant and well-crafted.  I was amazed (especially in the final scene with the earthquake).

 It was a very good performance for the kids that train at the school, however I don't think it show-cased them well enough.  I don't care much for Gillian Murphy, so I wasn't surprised that I didn't like her dancing.  I must admit though, I enjoyed her artistry, especially in her snake variation.  She has beautiful feet, but they look too long in those Gaynors!  Don't get me wrong, Gaynors look beautiful on some dancers (like Alina Cojocaru and Natalia Osipova), but not on Murphy.  They elongated her feet so much that her feet looked huge.  I thought she looked best when she wasn't wearing a tutu.  Unfortunately I don't care much for Jose Manuel Carreno either, but yes, those Cubans can turn.  He looked too small for Murphy.  Sarah Smith had a beautiful presence onstage, but Gamzatti was not her cup of tea. 

Now onto my favorite person in this producton.  Daniel Ulbricht.  For those of you who don't know that name, watch this video NOW.

He was the most amazing Bronze Idol EVER.   No joke.  (I think I may have peed my pants a little).  Not only were his tricks amazing, but the strength and character were stunning.  Everything was done so technically precise.  He was my favorite part of the entire show.

My friend and I managed to sneak backstage when I saw a door open very quickly.  We waited for what seemed like hours, but we waited.  My friend is a huge Gillian Murphy fan, so he was searching for her.  I was pacing all over trying to find Ulbricht (and I had no idea what he looked like).  Carreno came out and was flooded by enthusiastic fans... we couldn't manage to get a photo.  We started to leave and took the back exit, and then we saw him.  Wooooo!!!!  We waited for him to get off the phone, and then we asked for a photo.  He is so awesome and he brought us back inside to the stage for better lighting.  He made sure we took two shots and that the pictures came out good.  He was so nice and funny! 
wooo!!!!! LOVE
Hmmm I'm 5" 4, and I was wearing heels, so I'd say he is about 5" 7 or 8.  You'd never know he's so small because he dances soooo big it's incredible!  I thought he would tear down the curtains because his menege was HUGE!  Anyway this made my night spectacular.  I advise EVERYONE to go see Daniel Ulbricht perform sometime in their life.  Because he is freaking amazing.

the end.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spanish caravan - - bunhead-insprired spring updos....

"spanish caravan" the doors

want to thank Refinery29 for these awesome pictures and ideas. =]

Love all of these "do's" because they all look so easy and relaxed (not that they are easy or relaxed per say).  These only reminded me of how horrible I am at making my own ballet bun.  I refuse to hairsprary/gel my hair unless it's for a performance because it looks too plastered and phony for me (don't get me wrong, it looks great on some girls).  I just hate the fact that I'm damaging my hair just to get rid of wispies (fyi "wispies" isn't even a word yet so i hope you hadn't already whipped out your dictionaries. But in ballet aesthetic terms, it is the hair that sticks out... not flat to the skull.  aka "fly-aways").  I have the absolute worst wispies.  I don't deny it.  It's almost clown-like.

Ok, so I'm not an uptight bunhead... but these styles are awesome, and I will try to attempt some of them.  I need something for my commencement dinner ceremony!!

psst... is it really necessary to straighten or curl/diffuse, stiffen, and treat your hair just for these styles? HECK NO!  Maybe that's just me and my hate for hairspray and other hair-killers speaking, but whatever.  If you want to spend all that time and money....

Love how simple this is.  Much to my teachers' discretion, I imitate a similar 'bump' in the front, but my bun is much higher.  Would love to see that model trying to spot her head in fouettes with this bun.
simply n' classy.  just find a feather or gems... anything really, and just stick em' in!
"quick n' fast" is what my grandpa always says.  the classic low bun.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I am the Walrus.... dance history discussion

"I am the Walrus" Across the Universe Soundtrack - Bono

Today in Dance History class, we spent the whole hour just talking.  We are making a transition from modern dance to learning the beginnings of ballet in America (NYCB and Ballet Theatre aka ABT)...  One of my classmates brought up an interesting question; he asked, "Why do so many foreigners come to America to dance?"  I found this a very odd question because the person who asked this isn't American.  Anyway he brought up a valid discussion, one that I've always wondered about.  Why do so many foreigners come to America to dance?  I would do ANYTHING to get out of this country and work somewhere else with more culture and support of the arts.  The main answer to this question was that there is more opportunity in America.  Is that true, I don't know.  Maybe because he have dozens of companies all over the U.S. (yet so few of them have actual international acclaim).

We also talked about America vs. other countries (more exactly, Europe, that is).Why do European governments support the arts far more than the American government does?  I find this question sort of easy.  Ballet was created in monarchy states (Italy or France - whichever you prefer, even though it's proven to have been created in Italy).  America was created on the principle of freedom and democracy.  The first thing on Americans' minds was definitely not 'oh, lets make a theatre to have dancers and musicians perform.'  No.  Americans' first priorities was forming this country into what 'the people' wanted it to be.  The pursuit of happiness.  The arts, ballet in particular, thrive in Europe because of its role of tradition in these countries' cultures.  People in Europe are brought up learning about art history (including music, visual, and yes, BALLET).  For instance, I didn't know that ballet companies were still in existence in the present day until I was in seventh grade.  I had no clue that there were still ballerinas and male danseurs and corps de ballet.  Sleeping Beauty was just a Disney movie to me.  So if Americans were better educated in the arts, would they appreciate ballet more?  I would hope that the answer is yes.  However, that almost seems utopian.  It would be impossible for Americans to cherish the art of ballet as much as Europe does.

The only reason Americans know who Baryshnikov is, is because he defected from the Soviet Union at a time when the United States and S.U. didn't get along (for obvious reasons, check your history book for those of you who slept in history class... or life actually).  Yes, Baryshnikov was a product of Russian training, but if he hadn't defected, he would have never received such celebrity status.  Rudolf Nureyev also defected (duh), yet more Americans know who Baryshnikov is than Nureyev, even though Nureyev was a far better artist.

Anyhoo... Those are just my thoughts at the moment.


Monday, April 11, 2011

soul kitchen

"soul kitchen" the doors.  i'm listening to the entire album right now =]  The Doors never get old.  I can listen to them for hours (especially under a hot summer sun)... I'm dreaming about summer right now.

Last week was Sweet 16 week I swear.  Two of my friends and my sister's birthday.  So many parties!!!  Too much food.  Well obviously I couldn't see my sister since she's practically thirteen states away... but she told me all about her weekend and all her shopping.  Anyways here are some pics from Friday night before we went to Chile's for dinner.

just foolin' around =]

the "style" at my school

scary. this is embarrassing. why do i put up pics like this? well hopefully someone finds it humorous. not me

On me:  American Apparel El Salvador Lace Top, Nordstrom Rack bandeau, American Apparel Corduroy Shorts, Steve Madden leather flats <3
Pavlovshka (that really isn't her name by the way): Forever 21 Top, Forever 21 Pencil Skirt, Betsey Johnson pumps
Kiershka (not her name either hehe): rancesca's Top, American Apparel Corduroy Shorts, Barefeet Shoes.

That's it for me!! Wooo fashion blogging. 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

the great gig in the sky

"the great gig in the sky" pink floyd. amazing. can't get over her vocals.

I wanted to make a post about things I need.  Correction: clothes I want. haha.  Considering all the money I spent on ballet tickets, I don't think I will be able to buy any new clothes for a long time.  The shows better be worth it.  This list isn't rated in order... Just random.

#1 Urban Outiftters Sparkle and Fade Paperbag Short. $48

#2. Levi's Destroyed Denim High-Waisted Shorts.  I think these are essential actually.

#3. Faded Denim Jacket. Would really love to splatter some paint on it =)
#4. American Apparel Nantucket Fleece Leisure Pant $42.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

fix you

"Fix You" by Coldplay LOVE!!

Today's post is about ballet pedagogy Vaganova-style.
This semester I have pedagogy weekly with my favorite teacher who received a teaching degree at the Vaganova Academy in St. Petersburg.  Anyways the class is an hour and a half in a cold murky old library in the dance building.  It's unfortunate that we can't have this class more than once a week because it is very worthwhile and vital, or at least in my opinion anyway.  She dictates her exact notes that she translated from her pedagogy class in Russia.  It's incredibly difficult and frustrating, but I can't think of any other place (other than Vaganova Academy I suppose) where they teach you the exact curriculum.  It's amazing.  The notes are extremely tedious (I don't know how the foreign students keep up) and long and exhausting.   We've only had class like five times, and already my notebook is getting stuffed.  We've shuffled around alot, but basically we've learned various parts of Levels 1-2 in the Vaganova School.

The scariest part is when my teacher randomly calls up one of us to "teach" how to do a movement.  Today I was asked to teach small pose Croise battement tendu devant and second arabesque (mind you we're not even allowed to have our toes leave the ground.  We've literally started from the beginning and only just learned how to teach battement tendu jete today).  Anyways back to my story, here is an example of what I said and is expected of us in our final exam:

"Poses of the Dance; Croise front battement tendu":
The first form of croise front is with music 4 measures 4/4.  You begin in fifth position croise (facing point #8), with arms in preparatory position.  Pianist, please have a two count introduction.  Counting 'and a one, and a two' the arms alonge on the 'and' after count one.  Then arms come up to first position from counts one to two, and the head inclines towards the left shoulder with eyes looking into the palms of your hands.  On count three, you open arms to Big Pose and the leg does a battement tendu devant.  Hold count four.  Hold another measure 1, 2, 3, 4.  Then the arms alonge to a la seconde position through counts one and two.  The arms close to preparatory and the leg closes to fifth on the count of three.  Hold count four.  Hold another measure 1, 2, 3, 4.  Repeat.  The same rules apply for battement tendu.  Other forms include 4 measures 4/4 with pauses, and 4 measures 2/4 with everything combined.  First the arms are taught in Big Pose (supporting arm in third and other arm in seconde position) and then Small Pose is taught when students are more experienced and capable (supporting arm in first and other arm in seconde position).

Wow congrats to anyone that actually read that.  Yes, that is pedagogy class.  And I'm sure I probably said something wrong.  I could also go over second arabesque (since I also had to demonstrate), but I'll save you the pain (or my typing fingers at least).

Despite all my pessimism, I highly recommend taking a Vaganova Pedagogy class (tell me where to find one!).  Unfortunately I only have about four more classes.  I would love to go to Russia and learn, but I know I'm not dedicated enough like my teacher to learn Russian and translate for three years.  It's crazy, I don't know how she did it, but I admire her so much.

guess who? under Vaganova's famous portrait is young Diana Vishneva
beautiful, and you can see the watering-can stains on the beautiful wooden floor.

this looks like Paquita.  Oh and this is the Academy's most famous studio =]

My guidebook.  It is necessary for every Russian-trained student.  Found it on Amazon for a penny =]

Monday, April 4, 2011


Simultaneously posting and watching "Due Date" with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis.  So far it seems funny... we'll see

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5. like this one, kinda quirky

Photo #6

Photo #7

Photo #8

Photo #9:rusty-paint-peeling-wall. love it

Photo #10
Top: Urban Outfitters, Shorts: American Apparel, Scarf: American Apparel, bracelet: J. Crew, necklace: Metropolitan Museum of Art Store.  In Photo #6, the book is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon. very awesome witted book =]

Need to choose four photos of myself for a job application. which ones?? I love them all!!!  I also get to send them links or pictures or videos have things that inspire me (or things I've created etc...) So I'm sending some dance pictures/videos, my favorite music, and favorite art.  Maybe some of my own art!
This shoot was so much fun, and I want to thank my amazing and beautiful photographer.  There were literally 100 gorgeous pictures, and it was so hard to narrow down to these ten (I'm still resenting eliminating so many).  We took the pics in the "secret garden" at my school.  (Technically we're not allowed to be in the garden because it is not in the RA's line of vision.... we're too badass, couldn't pass it up).  So after sneaking past the scary security guard and listening for the jingle jangle of his keys, we shot for about an hour or so.

Enjoy! And help me pick out the good ones!

Friday, April 1, 2011


"burnout" green day. well actually song just changed to "having a blast". same album. same goodness.

Anyways so I made the MOST amazing blog post, and then i hit the 'return' button or something, and i lost everything!!!!  I'm so mad.  Anyway I'm going to try to re-create it the best i can.

So I will be in the tri-state area for most of June, and I have extra moolah from my spring break fund!  Sooo... what do I spend it on? Well a new Yumiko sounds nice.... but lets face reality, I would much rather see two ballets than buy one leotard (actually I don't know how true that it).  But for educational purposes, I really want to see some of ABT's Spring Season.  My main goal in choosing which shows to see is that I NEED to see Roberto Bolle, and of course, every year I see my favorite dancer, Natalia Osipova.  Based on the time I'll be home, I can see either Giselle (with Gomes and Vishneva), Lady of the Camellias (with Bolle and Kent), Coppelia (with Osipova and Stiefel!!!), Cinderella (with Gomes and Kent), or The Bright Streams (with Reyes, Cornejo, Osipova, and Simkin).

Alora - so -  I did some research on "The Bright Stream", and I learned the following.  It was originally performed by the Mariinsky in 1935, but the choreography was lost.  In either 2003 or 2008 (my sources conflicted one another), Ratmansky re-staged the entire ballet for the Bolshoi (which they also performed in the US).  Now that he is resident choreographer with ABT, they are performing it! Woot woot.  So I watched the Bolshoi version with Maria Alexandrova, and it was awesome!  It seems very typical old folk-loric Soviet Russian.  That is what I love about it, but it is what I think ABT won't be able to grasp.  It is an American company, and I don't know how this folk ballet will translate.  ABT premiered The Bright Stream at the Kennedy Center this past January with Gillian Murphy as the lead, and the reviews were pretty good, but not fantastic.  It was very comedic (there is a scene or act where the girlfriend and boyfriend switch places - pointe shoes and everything).  i think this would be a great opportunity for me to see a literally "Russian" ballet (choreographically speaking I mean).

I think I have another money to see atleast two shows, possibly three.  I am definitely watching Coppelia with Osipova and of course Bolle in Lady of the Camellias.  If I save more money, I will also definitely see Bright Stream.

Anyway cheers everyone!  I'm cheering myself with my smoothie  =] strawberries, banana, pink lemonade, whey protein, berries, pineapple juice, and soy milk.... IT"S SO GOOD.

<---- Video

Natalia Osipova in Bolshoi's The Bright Stream
Check out the vid!  And go to the youtube page because there it has more extensive parts of Act 1 and Act 2.
Bolshoi in Bright Stream.  Yes, that is a man. =P