Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spanish caravan - - bunhead-insprired spring updos....

"spanish caravan" the doors

want to thank Refinery29 for these awesome pictures and ideas. =]

Love all of these "do's" because they all look so easy and relaxed (not that they are easy or relaxed per say).  These only reminded me of how horrible I am at making my own ballet bun.  I refuse to hairsprary/gel my hair unless it's for a performance because it looks too plastered and phony for me (don't get me wrong, it looks great on some girls).  I just hate the fact that I'm damaging my hair just to get rid of wispies (fyi "wispies" isn't even a word yet so i hope you hadn't already whipped out your dictionaries. But in ballet aesthetic terms, it is the hair that sticks out... not flat to the skull.  aka "fly-aways").  I have the absolute worst wispies.  I don't deny it.  It's almost clown-like.

Ok, so I'm not an uptight bunhead... but these styles are awesome, and I will try to attempt some of them.  I need something for my commencement dinner ceremony!!

psst... is it really necessary to straighten or curl/diffuse, stiffen, and treat your hair just for these styles? HECK NO!  Maybe that's just me and my hate for hairspray and other hair-killers speaking, but whatever.  If you want to spend all that time and money....

Love how simple this is.  Much to my teachers' discretion, I imitate a similar 'bump' in the front, but my bun is much higher.  Would love to see that model trying to spot her head in fouettes with this bun.
simply n' classy.  just find a feather or gems... anything really, and just stick em' in!
"quick n' fast" is what my grandpa always says.  the classic low bun.


pav said...

okayyyyy... first: isn't Refinery29 the most amazing thing ever? i'm so very glad american apparel bribed us into joining up :)
second: the clip in the second style is AMAZING!!! the one that looks like a silver evergreen leaf? me wantz like it carazy!
third: the 3rd style used the Bb product; bumble and bumble, i think it is? okay, i REALLY want to try that product. pretty much EVERY magazine has featured the brand, and pav wants!

and fourth and most important: low buns are DEATH without a part. i look like a dead cow with hairspray in whenever i try it, which is like once a year.

Rachel Carina said...

mmmm agreed, low buns without parts are hard to accomplish. however i think if you teased the top of your hair a little, it might work. tell me how you lik the Bb product!!