Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nutcracker season COMPLETE!

Backstage; Arabian and Chinese

Classical Divert.

Wow, what a hectic season! We finished our holiday performances last weekend. Our program included "Classical Divertissements" which included music and choreography from Sleeping Beauty, Fairy Doll Pas de Trois, Don Quixote, and Grand Pas Classique. There was also a modern choreography piece, and a character piece entitled "Hopak". Unfortunately, ue to injury I was taken out of Classical Divertissements.

The second half of the show was our school's traditional Nutcracker Act II. Luckily I was able to still participate because I got a cortisone injection in my left ankle. I did the part of Arabian, and WOW my hips are still sore! The performances were so much fun, and I am so happy to have been able to perform for young children. I hope that we have inspired these kids to get involved in the arts.

Anyways, I am now at the West Palm Airport, awaiting my flight back home. I have not seen my family for 124 days now, and I cannot wait for the moment when I see my mom waiting for me at the airport home.

Please enjoy some of these pictures I took backstage through the wings and the dressing room
Classical Divert.Modern Piece

Sunday, November 14, 2010

cortisone shot woohoo!

Yes, the time finally came for me to get my first cortisone shot. I have had achilles/ankle pain for several years now ... My doctors and I have always thought that I had achilles tendinitis, however now we think it may be something different because the pain is not directly at my achilles - it is more towards the side.

So last Friday I got an MRI and then a cortisone shot right after. The shot itself did not hurt as much as I thought it would. It felt like a painful acupuncture needle when they twist the needle around in your skin to find the pressure point. All the doc did was put a numbing spray on the surface of my skin, and then he shot me up. At first my foot was just numb, but a few hours later I could not walk - literally. So I wore a boot for two days to help me walk. It has been a little over 50 hours since I got the shot, and I can officially walk! Word of advice to anyone getting this shot: make sure to RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation). Actually I'm not too sure about compression, but definitely ice and take IB Profin.

Quick facts about the cortisone shot: It is a steroid injection. Cortisone is a naturally-occurring steroid from the adrenal gland. The shot is synthetically produced, however, but it is very similar to the one our body makes. All the shot does is act as an anti-inflammatory. It does not fix the problem.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Casting has been up for several weeks now. I have been casted in Arabian so far. Luckily I am fairly flexible, so it is easier than other roles; just a three minute adagio. My only difficulty is the "Arabian" portebra. I studied Oriental character very little last year, so I need to work on my arms and posture.

Casting is always crazy because of people getting injured and such, so I am studying two different parts that are opposites of one another (which is good so that I work both sides of my arabesque and other positions).

My hip tendinitis has gotten so much better because of my amazing chiropractor. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my achilles. It hurts to point, releve, and plie - which means I can't do anything basically. I have been cutting out all releves at the barre (on both sides so that I don't compensate), and limiting allegro. The hardest thing for me is not jumping. I really do not know what to do about the tendinitis. My chiro has just been massaging out the adhesions and taping my leg. It isn't working... Should I get some acupuncture? I think that acupuncture may help, but it will not get rid of the tendinitis. I cant afford to keep going to physical therapy or massage therapists.

My cause for the achilles tendinitis is my anatomically flat feet that cause protrusion and misalignment (leads to many other problems too). I am desperate; what if I got reconstructive surgery?

Yours Truly that Doesn't Know What to Do

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to school!!

I have officially had my first day of school. My schedule was messed up, so tomorrow it will hopefully be ready. I am taking Drawing and Painting, Government, Physics, and English. I like my teachers so far, they seem very fun and interesting. I also had my first ballet classes today. We have a bunch of new students and this first week we all take class together! I was so incredibly nervous because all the teachers were watching us today, and I have not taken class in three weeks!! I was shaking so much that I'm surprised the teacher didn't say anything.

I am 'unpacked', but my roommate and I are waiting for our bunk bed to be made. So the room is a bit of a mess.

I am sad to say that like usual I've gotten sick from the plane ride in. I don't know why but the pressure affects my sinuses so much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

a little less than two weeks to go!

It's has now been a complete 23 days here in Pittsburgh! And I have only 11 days left!!
I cannot wait to be home with family and friends. Then I am home for 22 days before I leave for school. So I must make the best of those three weeks!

Things here have not been going as well as the first week here because my achilles tendonitis has been acting up and my back has stiffened (I strained it back in April). Unfortunately there is no masseuse here so there isn't much I can do other than not dance (which is not an option).

Last night we watched The Silence of the Lambs. It was amazing; Anthony Hopkins has always been one of my favorite actors, and this was truly his best role I believe. Now I want to read the books for this movie!

Oh yeah! Books I've read so far this summer. Well only one! Lord of the Flies. And I'm currently reading The Sun Also Rises. Both books are easily-read. The Hemingway book reminds me of the Great Gatsby in a way; so I hope that it doesn't disappoint me as much as Gatsby did.

Monday, July 5, 2010

ABT Sleeping Beauty 2010 !!

I just realized that I never shared my experience at the Met this year!
So I went to see ABT's Sleeping Beauty on Saturday June 19th the matinee and evening performances.

I currently don't have my programs with me at the moment, but this is what I remember:

Matinee: Aurora Alina Cojaharu, Prince Desire Jose Manuel Carreno.
She was absolutely beautiful. She is a very tiny dancer compared to the rest of the ABT company. Her balance was impeccable which was evident in the Rose Adagio. Everything that she did was very soft and almost child-like (in a good way I mean).
Stella Abrera was the Lilac Fairy. I was disappointed with her performance, although I must say her portebra/arms are absolutely stunning.
I believe Sarah Lane was the Princess Florine, and I liked her performance alot.
Carreno was well he was Carreno... His wig fell off during his variation, and one of the ladies in a gold gown picked it up.
Oh, and not to forget; Martine Van Hamel was the witch!!!!!

Evening Show:
Natalia Osipova (MY FAVORITE!!!!) and David Hallberg (love him so much). Natasha was amazing as usual. You can tell Aurora is not her best role compared to her Kitri or Giselle (which I saw last year!), yet her Aurora was AMAZING. I enjoyed her performance alot more than Alina's because it was more exciting and you never knew what was going to happen next. Her jumps and stage presence are what separate her from dancers of this age. Yes, she is flexible like 21st century ballet, but the way she uses it isn't gaudy or Gumby-ish. Hallberg was also fantastic. I saw him and Natasha in Giselle last year. He looks better as Prince Desire. He was amazing as well.
Lilac Fairy was Michelle Wiles. I loved her performance because she looked like she really was the head fairy and took charge of the stage (in a good way). Bluebird was Daniil Simkin. And he was literally perfect -- I was stunned.

In between shows I got to go backstage and see the crew setting up for the evening show and the dancers warming up in their costumes. It was an amazing experience to see the Met from within. I found out that for every major production ABT actually has a special floor (marley). For instance the Sleeping Beauty floor was black marley with splotches of green/blue paint in parts (from a distance it looked like white-swept floor). The stage manager also explained to us how they used the scenery in Act 2 which moved across the stage to show a different place and scenery. It was extremely complicated, and I honestly don't remember how at all. He also showed us a remote control that controlled the moving swan that carries the Lilac Fairy and Prince Desire. He said that it actually has more control and operation than a car because it can move in all directions. They always have two men backstage that know the exact movements/direction the swan must go.

I enjoyed parts of the set except from my cheap "Family Circle" seat you couldn't see the top section of the set. The curtains were actually covering it from my point of view! That was a major disappointment to me. But the moving scenery and colors were very beautiful and well done. The costumes also looked new and pristine. The one thing I didn't like was the Act 3 Pas de Deux costumes. They were a light shade of green with many sparkles. I found it not very Princess-like at all. When I think of Sleeping Beauty Wedding, I think of whites, golds, and pink. Other than that everything was gorgeous.

Amazing day at the Met! But my favorite Met day was last year's Giselle with Osipova/Hallberg. That will forever be my most fond memory of watching a ballet.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

end of the second week; three more to go!

Yes, I've been here (PBT) for two weeks, and I truly love it. The only thing I don't love is Pittsburgh. Maybe it's because I am used to going into NYC that I'm just a more city-girl... but Pitts is not for me. It's just not like a city like I thought it would be. Then again we're not really allowed to go to many places anyway so I don't know what the rest of the city is like.

My first impression of PBT was amazement; the entire school is beautiful. It has five studios (and one of them is the size of two put together - perfect for studio-performances). The studios have all new Harlequin floors and paint on the walls etc.

My other first impression was that they have accepted almost ALL tall girls -- which worries me because I'm five foot three which is pretty short for ballet to begin with... =[ But the girls at this program are generally really good. Everyone has come from different schools/studios. I am one of the few Vaganova-trained students here. I would say that the style here at the school is sort of like ABT. That being a Russian base but more open/flowy like Balanchine.

My level is doing two things for the end of the program studio-performance; Sleeping Beauty Prelude and the farming part of La Fille Mal Gardee. We've learned all of the Fairies except that four of them are different than the original choreography so it's confusing to be doing something else that I'm not used to seeing or doing. Lilac and Generousity are the same and Canary is similar but not really. Mal Gardee is really fun because we all get to do partnering. Most of us also get to do a little Pas de Six with three boys and three girls which is really fun. There is also a female soloist (she is amazing and I'm obsessed with this girl's arms -- hope that doesn't sound creepy) and a male solo.

It truly is an intensive. We're on pointe for every class except most Technique classes (and jazz/modern of course). One thing I don't like is that it isn't very Vaganova, and we have different teachers everyday. But I think that because of my Vaganova background I have an advantage (but Balanchine variations are hard).

So other than those two things, I really really love it here. I highly recommend this program. The teachers are great and I'm sure they would be even better in smaller classes during the year =]

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Just got into Pittsburgh today! What a car ride! I managed to sew three out of seven pointe shoes and sleep for four hours (which made up for only having three hours to sleep last night). So the dorms are very old-fashioned and nice. Only drawback is no AC. I have a fan and I opened the windows, but I'm still working on bug-proofing them. Just figured out how to use the ethernet too!!

Today was orientation and such... I just literally finished unpacking! PHew!!! The PBT studios are truly amazing; they just re-painted, installed new Harlequin floors, and put in new mirrors. There are 150 students here! 23 of which are boys. Four of my friends from school came here for the SI as well, and I have another friend from Kirov's SI a few years back that I know.

I need to get some rest since tomorrow is our placement class (wish me luck!). Plus I still need to sew my canvas slippers and break in some pointe shoes all in one night!

I think I should just shut off this computer... Until we talk again!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

"Mantis-cide Straight Up" Show Review

The Harid Conservatory lit up Boca Raton's Countess de Hoernle Theater this year yet again. The conservatory's three spring shows included the Greek Dance (from Le Corsaire), Les Patineurs (Pas de Trois), Sleeping Beauty (excerpts), and Mark Godden's Mantis-cide Straight Up. The latter piece is a Harid premier as well as a world premier that showcased choreographer Mark Godden as well as twenty-one of Harid's students.

The stage started out dark and foggy (dazed and confused anyone?). Two girls enter; both identical yet so different. They wear a green leotard with pink tights and hair pulled into two crazy antennas. Their angular arms sway in circular motions - rocking to the music. They each carry a martini glass on a platter. After they cross the entire stage and exit, a new couple emerges in a pool of light.

Together the insects dance: male and female. Where one pushes, the other pulls. Their energies unite into one as they continue their mating dance. There is one moment - a short yet distinctive pause - where she steps away from him. She looks at him with blind judgment in her eyes. The tables have turned; now he is hers. Now the animal dance continues as she grabs his neck and covers his eyes. He tries to run, but there is no where to hide.

More girls (or insects rather) enter and block his escape. They force him to the ground and cover his body with a sheet - they ran around him creating a circular ritual almost. The two girls with martini glasses come back and pour an oozing red liquid over his draped body.

The music suddenly stops. What was dark and mysterious is now classical? Yes, Minkus' Shades from La Bayadere now begins to play. One by one girls enter from upstage stage-left (deja-vu anyone?); except they are not doing any arabesques. Godden's genius is how he transforms these girls into bugs - or rather cannibalistic praying mantises. They zig-zag the entire stage repeating their rhythmic trances and fist pumping provocative lunges.

The climax of this part of the piece is when all the girls stop their dance and hold a pose with their arm holding their leg in an attitude a la seconde - all with their hand covering their eyes. At this point every person in the theatre was sitting at the edge of their seat. And now, the girls all slowly and uniformly extended their leg to a new level of elevation. Now they angrily push their leg down. The harp drones on as the end of Shades approaches. The man enters again with his mate, and a new dance begins.

Now more people enter including more men, and the tremendous music has a catchy beat. Each person pounds their wrists to the floor. Half the cast jumps in linear lines as the other half sways and sits in their hips. The men leave and the women take over the stage. They thrust their hips and form a small clump. They turn their backs on us and begin to apathetically walk away. They hypnotize us while five couples enter shifting in a big square.

These five couples unite us as they mate in a challenge dance. When it seems the male succeeds, the female always prevails.

Now everyone is running in tight clusters and thrusting their hips in an astute manner and hopping all over! After this dance everyone leaves - the men are dead lying on top of one another. The stage is dark again. The girls now circle back on and sit around their prey. Each girl carries a martini glass where they toast to their feast. They each take a devious sip and sway and bounce around the men.

The curtain closes.

Monday, June 7, 2010


WOW. That is all I have to say.

I am so very happy to be home. Home has not changed much, but all the same it still feels strange to be back where I started. I got home Thursday night, and I cleaned/unpacked that night and until Friday afternoon. I'm glad that is done! Woo! I have taken one ballet class, and I've been swimming everyday. Hopefully this will keep the weight off.

As for friends, they are still all in school. I will be visiting them today at lunch though.

Our spring performances were beautiful! Everything went very well, and because I was not in the last piece I got to watch in the audience the Manticides, Straight Up! piece. I will be writing a critique/commentary on that as soon as my notebook gets mailed to my house.

I am wondering how I can still work on cardio in the pool without building up my upper back muscles. It is important that these muscles do not get big because that does not look feminine for a classical line. My ab exercises continue and I still have hope at having a rock hard abdomen.

Talk later!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rehearsals continue

So rehearsals have been continuing... basically run-throughs everyday. My hips, ankles, and back are dying at the moment, but it is totally worth it; I am so excited for the shows and happy to see my Mom and go home!

So our shows are Friday 7:30, Saturday 3:00, and Sunday 3:00 at the Countess de Hoernle Theater (Spanish River Community High School) 5100 Jog Road, Boca Raton, Florida.

Come out and support! I will be in all three =] (knock on wood)

I need to have dinner and start studying for my academic finals, so talk to you soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

spring show coming soon

I know I haven't written in nearly two weeks, so here it goes...
Nothing much has happened. Our shows are May 28th-30th. That is next next weekend!!!! We had our first run-through of Sleeping Beauty last friday which was a mess. We also had one yesterday and a partial run-through today. Our first complete run-through of the entire show is Friday I believe.

My Mom is coming May 28th!!! I am sooooo excited to see her. I know that it has only been a month and a half, but I miss her so much. She will be flying in to see one of my shows, and then the both of us fly back home together.

Then I am home for two weeks. I don't think I mentioned, but I got tickets to see Alina Cojaharu and Natasha Osipova in Sleeping Beauty at ABT!!!! I am so very excited. Last year I saw Osipova in Giselle -- most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Anyways Sleeping Beauty is probably my least favorite ballet, but it will have to do for now since I cannot see any other shows, and Cojaharu is only guesting as Aurora.

Then I leave for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive for five weeks. I am nervous but excited for the program because it is a company that I would like to audition for. Anyone have any opinions about it?

So that is it for now. I'm going to practice guitar.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So today I had somewhat of a revolution! I guess you could call it that. Anyone think of a better word?

Anyways so this whole year I've been fighting with myself; trying to figure out if this school is right for me and how to pursue my training here. Because I've been fighting with myself, I've been sick. I was not eating right or thinking straight. As a result, my dance has suffered.

This week I started eating healthier and my body felt refreshed. Today I noticed this especially in class, and it made me feel rejuvenated. Today I could tell my body what to do, and it did it flawlessly. I felt happier and my teacher noticed (as well as other students I think :P ). I felt like how I danced last year when I was at my old school dreaming about being somewhere else). I have rediscovered my body today, and I plan on controlling it.

Anyways this is the start of the end of my year, and I am going to make the best of it, making up for what I have lost all year long being depressed with myself.

If anywhere out there is reading this, I hope this inspires you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

end of the year

I am getting way too excited, WAY TO FAST. I have exactly 31 days until I leave for home! I miss my family so much!!

Anyways, our spring show here includes the following:
Sleeping Beauty: Rose Adage, Jewels, Ladies of the Court, Garlands
Le Corsaire: Greek Dance
Les Patineurs
Manticides (Mark Godden choreography)

Because of my foot I am only rehearsing Garland Waltz. Hopefully my foot will be better in four weeks so that I can do Greek Dance. But we'll see. Right now my priority is getting my foot and back completely healed for the summer (I'm going to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Pre-Professional Summer Intensive).

Talking about SI's (summer intensives), I wonder what PBT will be like. I know it's not strictly Vaganova like my schooling, but it's not Balanchine either. I really enjoyed the audition class, so hopefully that will be similar to the summer program style. One thing I do not like is that we will be having different teachers everyday.

I have already been accepted into their year-round program, so if I like it there maybe I'll go.

And speaking about next year, there will be a Pink Floyd 'The Wall' concert tour! If I go back to my current boarding school, I cannot go, but if I go to PBT, I can. So there's a positive.

I had another breakdown in class today. It seems to be getting more frequent. I am just very upset about my foot. My PT (physical therapist) said that I keep rolling in on my feet because my ligaments are really stretched (which is extremely bad). So I'm working on strengthening, but it's hard because I also have achilles tendonitis. So it's a win-lose situation. I need to strengthen, but then if I strengthen by achilles gets to tight the next couple of days....

Anyone have any suggestions (and please anything but IB profin because that is my only best friend right now).

So that is it for now, I am going to practice guitar and study Italian. Possibly watch LOST with some friends and read A Clockwork Orange.

Goodnight anyone reading this!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Guest Ballet/Photographer Speaker

Finally the time has come for me to write about my school's lecture last Thursday. Our guest speaker was Steven Caras, former NYCB dancer and photographer. He shared with us a brief history of his life story as well as his current projects.

He described his coming into the ballet world as a "Billy Elliot" beginning. Coming from a very strict and traditional Greek family in New Jersey, his training began with some Agnes de Mille choreography in a high school play. Inspired by this new experience (as well as a DANCE magazine cover with a Joffrey male dancer jumping in front of the White House), he began taking ballet classes at the age of fifteen.

His first audition was for the Joffrey School of Ballet. He was in an advanced class along with professional company members AND Ruddie and Margot!!! Of course after only four months of training, he was not accepted into the advanced level. This however did not stop him from auditioning for the beginning level, which he was accepted into. This resulted in a full scholarship, private lessons, and his father ignoring him for a long time. He admitted to having much emotional abuse.

Next he joined the School of American Ballet for three years, and upon his third was invited to join the NYCB as a corps de ballet member. Called the "Greek Boy" by Balanchine, Caras enjoyed a vast repertoire including his favorite, Donizetti Variations. After a few years, his father finally watched one of his shows.

At the age of 27, he bought a used camera to use as a "diversion, something else to think about."

Steven Caras' photography career began when 'Mr. B' asked for his film in which he chose several photographs that he "needed." He was soon hired by TIME, the New York Times, and Newsweek to commission his art. His work has also appeared in many books.

After his retirement from NYCB, Edward Villella invited Caras to be the ballet master for the newly-formed Miami City Ballet. Although this was a fear and challenge to him, he took a risk, and joined Villella as a master and photographer. Also in Palm Beach County, he worked with Ballet Florida as the artistic liaison and became MCB's fundraiser.

Currently Steven Caras still fund-raises for MCB, teaches at the Dreyfus School of the Arts, and the Kravis Center in Palm Beach County. He also is a Development Director for the Palm Beach Dramaworks.

Steven Caras was chosen to have a PBS documentary made about him. They chose him, out of hundreds of other dancers, because of his struggle to overcome a big social-barrier from a normal teenage boy to a professional dancer and photographer. Against all odds, he succeeded in his career and teaching himself photography without any previous training. After viewing this documentary, Caras wants people to embrace the art form of dance and to see the reality of dance (not just the finished product).

Emmy-Award-Winning Deborah Novak and John Witek will be directing the documentary named Steven Caras: See Them Dance. Filming will begin in May and continue throughout the summer. Caras feels he is "honored by being singled out as one of the many [other famous dancers]."

Students had the chance to ask him questions -- about anything.
Are there any of your photographs that you feel is most significant to you?
Steven Caras:
Suzanne Farrell in the wings. She was my favorite... looking at her face from the side. My world was backstage... I couldn't stop looking at her, and all of the company... the pictures I like are more of the behind-the-scenes ones.

What was it like working with Jerome Robbins?
Steven Caras:
He was really hard because there's only one thing worse than working with him, and that was not working with him - let me put it that way-- because he loved me when I joined because I was the new meat in the freezer... It was heaven. A lot of the stuff he did on us back then was forgettable. He was so insecure with himself that he took it out on all of us... It was often times very humiliating [for us]... But we loved being in his ballets, but the awkward compared to Balanchine's - I have to tell you- Balanchine's ballets felt like custom-clothing.

When you were growing up - rehearsing and training - who were your biggest role models?
Steven Caras:
When I was at the Joffrey School, I used to see Edward Villella and Jacques D'Amboise on the Ed Sullivan Show, and they were so divine as performers and masculine. And I thought they can do it, it can't be wrong for me. And then when I went to the School of American Ballet, Jacques and Suzanne actually taught us, and they were really young then... A teacher I loved very much in New York, David Howard, was a great teacher. he taught me more about how to relax certain muscles. Balanchine was a finishing school. If you want to know what a very difficult class was like he would do just, the piano would just do [Caras makes an introductory note and motions many jetes in one beat]... And then we'd get into the center. He'd do this - plie, entre-six to grand plie - for the men, first step. So we were all in his class, at least an hour before doing a whole class. But he was finishing school, and again when I talked about time and how essential it is to learn everything - he used to say do this in the mirror at home, do this because it's not this. Do this, and pick up the laundry when you're home [Caras motions elegantly picking up laundry]. And he was right... I have to say it was Balanchine at the end of the day. No one at the school, Stanley Williams didn't pay any attention to me unless Mr. Balanchine walked into the room and [he motions his teacher paying attention to him finally, and stops as Balanchine leaves]... I started too late, I wasn't of interest to him [Williams].

Did you take class with Danilova?
Steven Caras:
Danilova, yes. Madame Danilova, the famous ballerina...She was like this in arabasque - total drag: the scarf, the earrings, the pearls, the skirt, the yellow, yellow, pink, green, the little ballet slippers that were curled up this way. And she came up to me once and said [in Russian accent], 'When is your birthday?' And I said, 'October 25th.' And she said, 'You're a scorpio; we are bitches.' I was sixteen, so I went home to my parents and said, 'Mom and Dad, Danilova said we're bitches because we're scorpios.' Yeah, she said worse too, she was tough.

For me, the most memorable part of this lecture was the fact that during the 60's and 70's it was extremely hard for a boy to become a male dancer in a country where male dancers were discriminated. This lecture also ignited my own desire of becoming a ballet dancer and photographer. I particularly enjoyed viewing some of Mr. Caras' vast photography archive. We saw photos of NYCB, MCB, and other companies. We saw dancers such as Makarova, Baryshnikov, Nureyev, and Kirkland just to name a few. The most intriguing photograph to me was "Mr. Balanchine's Last Bow" in which Mr. Caras captured Mr. B's last bow as well as dancers hidden behind the curtain also applauding Mr. B. I feel that this picture showed how beautiful dance's art form is, and how everyone is one big family.

Interested in reading more? Check out Steven Caras' website:

"If the day is going slowly for you, that means you're young. It doesn't go slowly for me, ever, I love every minute of my life." - Steven Caras

Thursday, April 22, 2010

guest speaker!!! very exciting

We had a guest speaker at our school today. I would like to write about what he talked about as soon as I have more time to compose my thoughts into clear sentences, rather than my normal babbling.

Hint: NYCB dancer and photographer =]

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Russian Back

These past few months one of my goals has been to acquire that certain je ne sais quoi that Russian dancers have in their torso. People usually notice (myself included) that the Russians seem to look as if they are falling backwards with their upper spine. A few times in class, my excellent teacher, has helped me to feel this "russian back". I have noticed that it is easier for me to achieve this posture whenever I'm in releve. When I'm flat, I feel short and low to the ground.

My teacher stresses that we use the part of our backs that holds up our arms to also lengthen our spines. I do not know the specific name of this muscle in our backs, but it is the one that is behind your armpit. Whenever my posture is correct, I feel as if these two muscles (right and left) are pinching -- but in a good way. I told my teacher about the feeling of pinching, and she said that it makes sense, and is not wrong.

I have been working especially hard on bending my upper torso back when my working leg is in devant en l'air.

Today I stuffed myself with IB Profin. My back felt great, almost like I never hurt it. My foot was taped (in order to support my non-existant arches) and it still hurt. I had actually rolled in on it in rehearsal on Tuesday. But I think that the IB Profin really helped alot. It isn't hurting so much walking on it anymore.

I just found out that ROger Waters (Pink Floyd's bass player) is doing a The Wall tour next autumn!! I am very excited, and I hope I can get tickets =]

Dancing is wonderful training for girls, it's the first way you learn to guess what a man is going to do before he does it. ~Christopher Morley, Kitty Foyle

Monday, April 19, 2010


Through the use of this blog, I would like to publish my findings on anything about ballet. I already have a ballet journal which I've been writing in since Christmas.

I would really like to communicate with other students, teachers, and professionals.

I feel that I am quite credible in the ballet field (but still have much to learn of course), and I have one of the best teachers currently in America whom I have asked countless questions and confide in.

Here are some things I would like to talk about:
-how-to-do ballet movements
-performances - critiques

So, please, anyone out there in the world, READ MY BLOG PLEASE AND THANK YOU!

I am a very bad blogger =[ but I will try from now on =]

If the title of this blog doesn't make sense, let me elaborate; I need to start blogging more often.
Anyways it has long since been Christmas break. Infact, I have already traveled home for spring break, and now I am back at school.

Dance is going well, except I have been injured for the past month or so. The doctor says he thinks I strained my back and that I have insertional tendonitis where the achilles meets the plantar fascia (in the heel) as well as bursitis on the heel. He prescribed me with orthodics (for my flat feet), a night splint (so my foot does not move during my slumbers), and physical therapy three times a week. All of these things I cannot afford, but luckily the physical therapist here at school is included with my scholarship. =]

My physical therapist and I do not agree with the doctor's diagnostic. What I do know is that there is nothing wrong structurally with my foot/back due to x-rays and an MRI. It is also not plantar fascitis because otherwise I would be crying after taking my first step out of bed in the morning. It also cannot be bursitis because my foot failed the bursitis test.

In the meantime, I limit by battements derriere and jumps. I have also begun to tape my feet (instead of buying $400 orthodics which I cannot even trust will help).

So all of this babbling makes no sense because I am not any further than I was to begin with. At least I feel relieved now.

Anyways, jai ho!
And until next time I log on!

Monday, January 4, 2010

back to school

Well now that the holiday season is over (and Happy New Years by the way!!), I am already back to boarding school. School officially starts tomorrow. I am a bit scared for ballet because I am very out of shape and packed on the Christmas dinner pounds...
Anyways other students are flying in today, and I am still awaiting the arrival of my roommate.

Just got La Bayadere (teatro alla scala), Romeo and Juliet (teatro alla scala), and 100 Lessons in Classical Ballet in the mail. I will probably we watching La Bayadere tonight!!!

I plan on also working out later tonight just to release some endorphins.