Friday, April 13, 2012

ohhhh my toes

Ohhh yes, my toes.  And everything else on my body as well!  I think I'm almost over this injury.  I can almost do petit allegro and parts of grand allegro.  I'm sooo relieved to be able to do just simple tendus (which I couldn't one month ago, let alone stand on it).  This past week I've been collecting and filming different videos for a last minute over-the-sea audition. 

This week I also danced in Serenade for the first time in more than two months!  That's partially why I have a HUGE knot in my left calf (my good leg by the way...).  I've also got a badly bruised toe nail, blisters, and lower back pain (as always of course).  But, this is my life.  I'm used to it.  Unfortunately the knot in my calf came in a bad time though when I was trying to record my fouettes =/

Currently obsessed with the style of this sketch...
Tumblr is so awesome for finding really cool and random pics.  Here is a link to my TUMBLR
Most of it is random ballet, art, music, fashion, and of course the random funny stuff.

my own random:

Gosh, I so tired from work and ballet!!  Going to massage my calf, read some more of Bag of Bones and then off to bed!