Tuesday, May 25, 2010

rehearsals continue

So rehearsals have been continuing... basically run-throughs everyday. My hips, ankles, and back are dying at the moment, but it is totally worth it; I am so excited for the shows and happy to see my Mom and go home!

So our shows are Friday 7:30, Saturday 3:00, and Sunday 3:00 at the Countess de Hoernle Theater (Spanish River Community High School) 5100 Jog Road, Boca Raton, Florida.

Come out and support! I will be in all three =] (knock on wood)

I need to have dinner and start studying for my academic finals, so talk to you soon!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

spring show coming soon

I know I haven't written in nearly two weeks, so here it goes...
Nothing much has happened. Our shows are May 28th-30th. That is next next weekend!!!! We had our first run-through of Sleeping Beauty last friday which was a mess. We also had one yesterday and a partial run-through today. Our first complete run-through of the entire show is Friday I believe.

My Mom is coming May 28th!!! I am sooooo excited to see her. I know that it has only been a month and a half, but I miss her so much. She will be flying in to see one of my shows, and then the both of us fly back home together.

Then I am home for two weeks. I don't think I mentioned, but I got tickets to see Alina Cojaharu and Natasha Osipova in Sleeping Beauty at ABT!!!! I am so very excited. Last year I saw Osipova in Giselle -- most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Anyways Sleeping Beauty is probably my least favorite ballet, but it will have to do for now since I cannot see any other shows, and Cojaharu is only guesting as Aurora.

Then I leave for Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Summer Intensive for five weeks. I am nervous but excited for the program because it is a company that I would like to audition for. Anyone have any opinions about it?

So that is it for now. I'm going to practice guitar.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So today I had somewhat of a revolution! I guess you could call it that. Anyone think of a better word?

Anyways so this whole year I've been fighting with myself; trying to figure out if this school is right for me and how to pursue my training here. Because I've been fighting with myself, I've been sick. I was not eating right or thinking straight. As a result, my dance has suffered.

This week I started eating healthier and my body felt refreshed. Today I noticed this especially in class, and it made me feel rejuvenated. Today I could tell my body what to do, and it did it flawlessly. I felt happier and my teacher noticed (as well as other students I think :P ). I felt like how I danced last year when I was at my old school dreaming about being somewhere else). I have rediscovered my body today, and I plan on controlling it.

Anyways this is the start of the end of my year, and I am going to make the best of it, making up for what I have lost all year long being depressed with myself.

If anywhere out there is reading this, I hope this inspires you!

Monday, May 3, 2010

end of the year

I am getting way too excited, WAY TO FAST. I have exactly 31 days until I leave for home! I miss my family so much!!

Anyways, our spring show here includes the following:
Sleeping Beauty: Rose Adage, Jewels, Ladies of the Court, Garlands
Le Corsaire: Greek Dance
Les Patineurs
Manticides (Mark Godden choreography)

Because of my foot I am only rehearsing Garland Waltz. Hopefully my foot will be better in four weeks so that I can do Greek Dance. But we'll see. Right now my priority is getting my foot and back completely healed for the summer (I'm going to Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre's Pre-Professional Summer Intensive).

Talking about SI's (summer intensives), I wonder what PBT will be like. I know it's not strictly Vaganova like my schooling, but it's not Balanchine either. I really enjoyed the audition class, so hopefully that will be similar to the summer program style. One thing I do not like is that we will be having different teachers everyday.

I have already been accepted into their year-round program, so if I like it there maybe I'll go.

And speaking about next year, there will be a Pink Floyd 'The Wall' concert tour! If I go back to my current boarding school, I cannot go, but if I go to PBT, I can. So there's a positive.

I had another breakdown in class today. It seems to be getting more frequent. I am just very upset about my foot. My PT (physical therapist) said that I keep rolling in on my feet because my ligaments are really stretched (which is extremely bad). So I'm working on strengthening, but it's hard because I also have achilles tendonitis. So it's a win-lose situation. I need to strengthen, but then if I strengthen by achilles gets to tight the next couple of days....

Anyone have any suggestions (and please anything but IB profin because that is my only best friend right now).

So that is it for now, I am going to practice guitar and study Italian. Possibly watch LOST with some friends and read A Clockwork Orange.

Goodnight anyone reading this!!!!