Sunday, October 2, 2011

apartment shopping wishlist

"dreaming tree" dave matthews band

So I still haven't made an official "apartment post" because it's still far from ready.  I'm still missing a dresser, kitchen table, and other miscellaneous things.  As always, I am promising an apartment post as soon as it becomes a reality.  For now, here are some things I LOVE from UrbanOutfitters <3

Iron Scroll Coat Rack $79
Skull Stein Glass $12. How awesome is this??!!!
The Little Whizzer $24.  Won't even explain how cool this is.
Camille Wall Mirrors 3 of 3 $48.
Mustache Flared Mug $8
Think of this, but with cups.  Couldn't find the cup version online.  The cups were perfect for everything including rings and earrings.  This one is very nice too though.
Alice in Wonderland glasses $6/e
Black Floral Enamel knob $8
Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow $39. this would be perfect. like the 'dark green'
Knuckle Duster Mug $24
Vintage Floor Lamp $119. my place is very dark, so this would be a great lighter and space-saver

In other news....
We've finished learning Flowers and Snow! Woot woot.  From now on and until December, we'll just be cleaning it up.  The foot that I apparently sprained in August is fine.  This past week I actually got to do petit allegro and some grand allegro.  I am however getting a pain in my shins, especially in one spot on my left shin.  So for now, I'm just icing and taking jumps easier than I normally do.  My back is also acting up as it always does when I start pushing that arabesque higher.  It's like a vicious cycle of beautiful arabesques and back pains/shocks.

I also got a job!  I'm working at a new holistic cafe!  It seems like it will be perfect because of its location and what it has to offer.  My boss says he's planning for an open-mic where people can come in and just express themselves.  (Maybe, hopefully I can get something prepared on the guitar? or explore poetry?).  Anyways I'm very excited to let my inner-hippie out.

My friends and I went to the Church Brew Works in Lawrenceville for lunch yesterday.  It's an old church-turned-brewery.  It felt weird to be dining in a church. And I will admit, walking down the aisle and not receiving the body and blood of Christ was a bit bizarre.  Beer in a church?!  Who knew... Pittsburgh is getting more and more interesting.  Anyways it was a bit pricy, but a must-go-to.  I had already eaten lunch, and I had a hankering for dessert, so I ordered the Malted Bread Pudding.  Since it is now Oktoberfest, it was pumpkin flavored with pumpkin ice cream.  So so so so good. The dessert was like twice the size of my head, but I still managed to eat half of it (I would've eaten the whole if I could).

Hope everyone is enjoying their nice weather (which isn't nice in Pitts!!!!!!).  I'm praying for a car to avoid waiting for the bus in the snow.  Until then, scarves, gloves, and more scarves!!!

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Liza said...

Ahh!! Those Alice in Wonderland glasses are amazing!! I need those ASAP!

XO, Liza