Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"fearless" pink floyd. need to learn this one.

October! Wow!  This will be my first autumn in the northeast for since two years ago!  Next to summer, the fall is definitely my favorite because it's so beautiful.  There's absolutely nothing as stunning (perhaps other than the beach) than when the leaves start changing colors, you don't sweat that much, and you can carve pumpkins!  To top it off, October has one of the best days ever -- Halloween!  Still not sure what I'm dressing as, but I'm definitely still going trick-or-treating!  Why not?  I guess looking like a kid pays off in some ways...  The weather has really been funky.  There was a cold front about two weeks ago, and then last week it was gorgie-hot!  It certainly was great weather for sight-seeing and the Columbus Day Parade.

Speaking of sight-seeing, my friends and I went to Mount Washington to see the view everyone is talking about.  And, man, were they right!  by the way, hold on your pants because there's going to be alot of pictures!

all the bridges.

Heinz stadium.  This was an hour or so after Sunday's game.  Steelers won!

What would this amazing view be without dance?  So of course we fooled around a bit.  Yeah, people were staring, but who cares?
yucky arms. but the skyline is amazing with this press

my favorite. love everyone
keep finding billboards all over pitts.

columbus day parade

columbus day parade in little italy.
what would this post be without a picture of food??  french onion soup (thanks to my mom for canning me some!). look at that cheese all melted. mmmmmmm
cute little stalker-kitty. followed me a block.... hopefully it went back home!

I also love the backs of the leaves.  you see all the stems' details? incredible. nature is so amazing.  i really want to do some crayon-press pictures.
Also please check out my TUMBLR!!!
Happy October everyone! And I hope to post something for Halloween!!!

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Liza said...

LOVE all of your photos, especially the dancing ones! Haven't been on other blogs in forever... love checking all of your old posts! Hope you are well. I am taking a ballet class tomorrow night... wish me luck! ;)

XO, Liza
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