Monday, October 24, 2011

strawberry fields

duquesne incline view of the pitts... love
"strawberry fields forever" beatles. one of my favorite beatles' songs

So this week was awesome!  My dad drove up for a visit (and to bring a dresser!! finally).  We went to the Church Brew Works (yes, it is a church... or was one. now it's a brewery) and for breakfast we went to Pamela's (amazing breakfast/lunch joint. you've never had a hotcake until you've had one HERE).

love graffitti.

 Ballet has been slow lately because the company has Peter Pan shows all weekend long.  It's been nice having a break from the constant hours we usually have.  I've been having a toe nail issue where there is another nail growing underneath which is creating lots of pressure and now it's bruising (or maybe bleeding, i'm not sure).  I wish the old nail would just die and come off!  It's been a month practically!

In my spare time, I've been studying Italian, playing guitar, and of course drawing (and painting with watercolors).  Here are some fashion illustrated-inspired pics.

decided to keep her bald for that v-for-vendetta natalie portman-look. who says girls aren't pretty bald? haha

this one is my sister with really fierce makeup.  i realize now that the eyes are completely uneven. wow oopsie

ok, so this one isn't fashion-inspired.  it's walter from the big lebowski (one of my favorite movies ever)
Off-topic, but I must say this.  I just made chili and the smell is wafting in my direction, and it's amazing.  yumyums.  It's for tomorrow when I have people over to watch Kill Bill Volume 2.  It's National Chili Month, so need to have it with the movie!

This past weekend we had a little Halloween party.  Ok, so my fairy-doll costume wasn't that creative since I basically wore what I wear everyday to dance.  But my friends all dressed up and it was lots of fun (and so many delicious treats!)

fairy doll, devil, pirate, and mime

On that note, I hope everyone has been enjoying this beautiful autumn!  (pssst the news said snow/rain this Thursday night!!! ahhhhh I'm going to cry.... I hate winter, and this is too soon)


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Izi said...

Hey Rachel,

Great post! Really interesting and inspiring. I loved the pictures too, they are soo cool. Those cookies look YUM!

Izi :)