Thursday, May 26, 2011

on the tiles.... cast A run-thru




paquita pas de trois mid-jump

in the middle of a pas de chat


Add caption



spanish dance!!!



tarantella. one of my favorite things is pictures of dancers bowing


hungarian. cutest costumes ever ohmyg

black swan here we go!

anyone else see that movie?

well this is the real black swan. anyway

yeah go siegfried!!

ending pose woot woot!

the three mean "step-sisters" but not really

the wise "couple" that are animals we think?

shadows. really scary. they look like dementors. EXPECTO PATRONUM!!

the vase with water inside (will be black on stage)

the "kiss". mwahahahaha

he really wants her to look inside. but eww that black stuff is gross.

she goes right in haha and surprise it's a necklace.
forever after. the end.
So here are the promised photos from the first costume run-thru!  I regret I'm not in any because I took them all.  Enjoy and read captions =] and sorry everything is in a weird order - just the way it uploaded.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pennyroyal tea

"pennyroyal tea" nirvana.

 I have a run-through today, and then at night we have tech rehearsal at the theatre!!! My family is coming in two days!!!  Can't believe the end is near. But I guess it's really a beginning.

So as we're closing with our final week, I've been taking waaaay too many photos.  Here are some, enjoy and read captions =]  Will be posting pictures from our rehearsals soon!!!! Promise!

Last day at the beach.  So lucky I got this shot.  Look really close it's a little girl and her dad holding hands on one of those awesome double-bikes. I love it.
Our short bus... that breaks down often.
from our Senior sleepover... all-nighter =D
My dearest, Pav, with 10 flowers on her head... nordstrom rack
totally wicked hairband from nordstrom rack.
awesome plants in florida that i love.
this one needs a bigger explanation.  our school's tradition is to have the seniors hammer gold name plates on our doors!
and here you have it! my senior class!!!!!!!!! love you all so much and will miss you all next year!!!!
That's all folks!!! Will post more soon!

Friday, May 20, 2011

gilmour and scarves

some david gilmour song shuffling on pandora. =]

There is absolutely nothing in fashion that I love more than scarves (except of course shoes).  That is why I was practically jumping out of my seat when I saw Refinery29 post a slideshow on scarf how-to's.  I promised myself that everywhere I travel I'm going to buy a scarf as a memoir.  Scarves can be so unique and different, and I think they can especially be very cultural.  My nonna gave me my first scarf (and I still have it and tie it around my purse).

Urban Outfitters
NW3.  This one is ultra expensive, and I will not label the price because that would be too evil.
J.Crew.  I freaking love J.Crew.  When I used to live in NJ, this store was my life. FL is more laid-back.
Another J.Crew!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

thank you... artist paul w. ruiz

"thank you" led zeppelin

Found this incredible artist through someone's tumblr today.  Could only find information on him from his website... He studied at University of Melbourne (in Australia woohoo!)  He also has his own blog.

His faces almost look like hos Da Vinci made his faces so soft and blended, but then Ruiz adds in all the different layers and colors... I LOVE IT.
doesn't it look similar? so soft

I especially love this one.