Friday, May 20, 2011

gilmour and scarves

some david gilmour song shuffling on pandora. =]

There is absolutely nothing in fashion that I love more than scarves (except of course shoes).  That is why I was practically jumping out of my seat when I saw Refinery29 post a slideshow on scarf how-to's.  I promised myself that everywhere I travel I'm going to buy a scarf as a memoir.  Scarves can be so unique and different, and I think they can especially be very cultural.  My nonna gave me my first scarf (and I still have it and tie it around my purse).

Urban Outfitters
NW3.  This one is ultra expensive, and I will not label the price because that would be too evil.
J.Crew.  I freaking love J.Crew.  When I used to live in NJ, this store was my life. FL is more laid-back.
Another J.Crew!!

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Juliet said...

I love scarves too :) Definitely one of my favorite things