Tuesday, May 24, 2011

pennyroyal tea

"pennyroyal tea" nirvana.

 I have a run-through today, and then at night we have tech rehearsal at the theatre!!! My family is coming in two days!!!  Can't believe the end is near. But I guess it's really a beginning.

So as we're closing with our final week, I've been taking waaaay too many photos.  Here are some, enjoy and read captions =]  Will be posting pictures from our rehearsals soon!!!! Promise!

Last day at the beach.  So lucky I got this shot.  Look really close it's a little girl and her dad holding hands on one of those awesome double-bikes. I love it.
Our short bus... that breaks down often.
from our Senior sleepover... all-nighter =D
My dearest, Pav, with 10 flowers on her head... nordstrom rack
totally wicked hairband from nordstrom rack.
awesome plants in florida that i love.
this one needs a bigger explanation.  our school's tradition is to have the seniors hammer gold name plates on our doors!
and here you have it! my senior class!!!!!!!!! love you all so much and will miss you all next year!!!!
That's all folks!!! Will post more soon!

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pav o said...

i love the photo of the seniors! ya'll look amazing! and i love the blue hairband. pav wants :)

oh, and those plants are really nice. they're quadruple-colored and are really stiff.