Saturday, May 14, 2011

the wind cries mary..... another cork board.

"the wind cries mary" jimi hendrix. using pandora. it's really nice because it shuffles all the music i love

Sorry haven't blogged in a while due to internet difficulties at my school and blogger being shut down yesterday.

So yesterday was my last day of school.  ever.  How crazy is that?  I still can't believe I will be graduating in about 17 days!  It's literally too crazy for words to explain.  Too bad I still have ballet... haha that sounds horrible.  I'm really excited for the shows though.  It's going to be amazing to not go to school in the morning and have time to sleep, draw, play guitar, talk with my mom, and extensively stretch or work out before class!!  haha underclassmen!!

I'm in the computer lab right now, and one of the Brazilians is watching a cartoon in Portuguese and it's kinda funny to hear.  Anyways.... interesting story from my ballet teacher yesterday.  I asked him if the dancers in the Paris Opera Ballet always acted so cocky even as corps members.  He replied saying that school in Paris is like a jungle.  From a very early age the kids are raised to compete with one another.  To be good is not enough; you have to be the best.  The girls are very catty, and rarely are they actual friends.  It is a complete different situation than it is here in America.  Then my teacher said that as they progress into the company, it becomes even more evident.  Many principal dancers are very conceited and stuck up.  It is just the way it is, and that's normal.  My class and myself were very shocked and disgusted to hear this.  But when I think about it, it makes sense to have this attitude in schools (and to progress into companies) because look how amazing POB is!  They are obviously doing something right.  Would I ever encourage this?  No.  I would rather have a less talented company than to have a disunited company that hates one another (I'm not saying everyone at POB hates one another, I'm sure there are different instances).

THE GOODS: My cell phone with cool Chinese beaded attachment from my Chinese friend. 
Green leather bracelet that I made!! The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime freakishly amazing book, easy to read and awesome.  American Apparel bag with origami paper inside.  Really really ridiculously old black and white Gameboy with Bugsbunny game that i still play (hehe).  Broken part of my Spanish fan.  Pearl necklace from my mother.  Budlite bottlecaps that my friend decorated.  Duck rubber bracelet.  Sudoku which I still haven't completed.  Seashell  that I actually found at the beach, and it's perfect.  Gone With the Wind dvd... one of my faves that my Mom and I always watch together.

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pav said...

okay, i lovelvoevlovelovelovelvoe this new segment-thing. it's awesome. the gameboy is sick. i swear, i wasted so much of my life on those things. and mainly i love the american apparel bag :)