Monday, February 28, 2011

roadhouse blues

 "Roadhouse Blues" The Doors

So my auditions are over! Well technically I have one more, plus the competition this weekend.  OK, so my first audition I think i got a contract, but it is not for sure, so I will let you know.  The second audition was BalletMet in NYC.... there were over 100 people, and the combinations were made impossible.  No joke. They wanted us to promenade en pointe.  We also had a very difficult turning sequence (in  arabesque, attitude, arabesque, and then a la seconde) finishing into a penche en pointe.  Oh and petit allegro.... sooo fast.  This is when I wish I liked Balanchine training.  Anyways I got cut the second time around, I'm not surprised.  However there is still a possible trainee opportunity.... so maybe I will hear back from them.  For the mean time, I have the competition this weekend and then Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre audition in two weeks.  Then I will be officially finished.  Oh and I also got into University of Cincinnati's Ballet program!!  I don't want to go, but now I can say that I applied and got into a college.

protesters in Boston Saturday morning... they were supporting free choice for abortion. There were also Libya protesters, but I couldn't get a picture
So I was an official vegetarian this weekend (not vegan)!  And so I got French Onion soup (It had mozzarella in it).  It was over-spiced, and my mom's soup is waaay better.  But hey, nice picture.

And I got the typical tuna-seared salad... It was fine. Nothing special, getting my protein in
Anyways I had a good time in Boston, NYC, and home.  I miss my cat and my family and friends.  92 days until I am officially done with school.  11 until spring break!

Friday, February 25, 2011

in a hotel.... somewhere in boston

WoooO!!!! I am in Boston! The drive up was a bit scary because it was raining like crazy and there were tractor-trailers all over the place! ANyways we made good time, checked into our hotel, and then met up with my brother.

We went to the "Pour House"... I had a "Giant Burrito" made with vegetables of course =]. My brother had a burger and clam chowder, my Mom had the fish n chips. Both my mom and brother had Blue Moon beer while I sat there sipping water.... Oh the thrill of being underage.
(By the way, did you know that not only do they card you in Massachusetts, but they also ask for a credit card to confirm!)

After dinner, we went to my brother's apartment which he rents with four other students. Wow. College apartments are gross. Or maybe that's the result of five men living together. I don't know. My brother took me through five levels of spiraling stairs up to the roof. The view was awesome (I forgot my camera!), and we could see the whole city! Beautiful. Although the trip up and down the stairs were scary because only my cell phone light guided us :o

And then it started to snow!!!!!! wooo

After hanging out, we went to the New England Conservatory to watch a jazz band perform for about an hour and a half. It was ok. Honestly I got bored. I felt like they played too loud and it sounded like whining sometimes. But I really loved the bass and one of the saxes. My brother had to take notes because he has to write a critique on it for school.

Now I'm in our hotel room; mom is reading The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Gosh, I haven't read that since the eighth grade! Maybe I'll watch some of a movie before bed or read The fountainhead and doze off...

Ajkun audition tomorrow! Tres tres heureux!!!!!

Somewhere off of 90 in MA

Tappanzee Bridge before NY/CT

In the Pour House with my mom and brother

My Prom invitation! Theme is Las Vegas... wish I could go

early morning HOME!!

not listening to any music right now... but I am finally HOME!! Well temporarily. I"m leaving within the next hour for Boston for an audition. Yeah, that's right. Boston. Hopefully I will get to see my brother who studies at Northeastern University.

Friday: drive to Boston, sleep in hotel
Saturday: ballet company audition, drive home
Sunday: company audition in NYC, drive or take train home, sleep in my own bed
Monday: leave back for school =[

So as you see, I'm really not home...
I arrived here last night. And found our family room furniture rearranged, my cat stole my fluffy green blanket, and my eating utensils felt so heavy compared to my school's plastic ones. That's kind of sad.

What's nice? I literally don't have to pack because my suitcase is already packed from yesterday!! Talk about convenience.

I need to find some way to entertain myself in the car. ipod is fully charged, brewing some hot chocolate with soy as we speak, The Fountainhead, camera (I don't think my mom will like this), uhmm what else? I haven't had a long car ride since we drove to Pittsburgh last summer. Now that was one hell of a drive!

Anyways will write more tonight in the hotel.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

time to pretend

"time to pretend" mgmt

Here are a few select items from my dance bag:


This foam roller is my savior. We have been together for about 4-5 years now. She has traveled with me to NJ, DC, PA, NYC, and FL. She is quite ancient, and almost too soft so massage me anymore. This roller has saved my hips so many times (I have tendinitis in both my hips). It is amazing for massaging IT bands and apparently it helps people's backs (it actually completely messes up my back, but it may work for you, so please don't be discouraged). I highly suggest every dance to buy one. Check out this website, although research more for better prices!

Also in this picture is my "Stick". It actually belongs to my physical therapist from last year, but I think I am permanently borrowing it :) Shhhh. This thing is even better than the foam roller! It's shorter and thinner, better for traveling. Only problem I foresee is that my friend got stopped at security in the airport because of it (just plea your ballerina innocence). This is amazing for massaging feet, calves, thighs, IT bands, iliosoas (forgive my spelling), or anything you name it! My "stick" is unique because my PT had it custom-ordered since they only make this particular model for professional football players. The others sold on stock are not as severe and hard-cored.
#2. These are my handy-dandy peds! Funny story; My best friend and I were shopping (many years ago, I can't even remember when) and decided to do the BOGO sale, so we bought turquoise and green HUE peds. They are (or were I should say) sooo soft. We each traded a sock, so that we would have both colors each (I know she still wears them to this day). I needed a toe pad not as thick as Ouch Pouches, so I decided to cut these socks in half to
use as toe pads. They are the best thing because they let me feel the ground when I'm dancing, and I don't get blisters like I do with normal cotton socks. If you're looking for a toe pad more than lambs' wool or paper towels but less than ouch pouches, just cut an old sock in half (look for a thicker sock).
#3. These booties were an amazing find at the Nordstrom Rack this weekend. Got them for only $10!!! They are padded on the bottom and have rubber on the outside sole, so you can wear them outside, inside, and in the studio to warm up!
#4. KD Dance black overalls. Definately not cheap, but worth every penny. I've had these for 5 years now. Yes there are holes, but I have cheaply sewn them together. These are great for warming up and if your teacher permits, the beginning of class or rehearsals. I like wearing them on one shoulder and rolling up one of the legs. This way I can see a little bit of pink under all the black. These come in many different colors. All KD Dance warm-ups are amazing (I own several in different colors from various Christmases).

Love to hear anyone elses' favorites! Keep in touch!

Also, just found out from Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre SI last week! I got in! Wooo. I'm looking forward to probably going there again this summer!

OK, I have to go to dance history now. We have a test on the Classical Era (Petitpa, Legnani, Tchaikovsky, Ceccheti, etc etc...)

Monday, February 21, 2011


watching seinfeld episode: Maestro

Just felt like posting some random artwork. I did this before the winter holiday. It's my best friend, and roommate. I admit drawing from photo is cheating, but I really enjoyed taking pictures of her. I think I still need to do some touch-ups on the drawing. It's on a colored canson paper with an ebony pencil and white charcoal. Plain + Simple = Awesome

I also did another photoshoot (I mean taking the photos) of my roommate. Not sure if she would let me post, but will ask. Plan on having another shoot sometime soon of another friend at my school.

We had a three day weekend! Half of the kids went to Universal, and the other half (me) stayed here. Luckily the weather was gorgeous! We went to the pool on Saturday, tanning yesterday outside on campus, and today I went to the beach! Got a little burned, but nothing bad. I don't think my teachers would be too upset since we have several months until the show. (At my school, the teachers go crazy if you get tan lines or sun-burned because it shows up on stage).

Anyways using some aloe vera for now, but it's not that bad even.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

don't fear the reaper

"don't fear the reaper" blue oyster cult

Lets see: I made vegan pancakes this morning =P And just made vegan chilli. It is soooo good, and the hallways smell soooo amazing. I want a chilli perfume. Just kidding.

Vegan Chilli Recipe:
- diced tomatoes
- black beans
- optional chick peas
- half onion
- clove of garlic
- pinch of cayenne
- tsps of cumin, paprika
- papper
- optional: tiny bit of vegetable stock
- TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein).

The TVP takes the place of beef. It looks and tastes just like the real thing! It's soo good, and it's pure protein, no fat.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


"something" beatles cover by across the universe soundtrack =D

Who am I really inspired by right now? Honestly I love my ballet teacher. She is just so incredible, it's hard to describe. She has invested her life in ballet so much that I don't think I have ever met anyone else so dedicated to her passion of ballet. The thing I love most about her is her utilization of her back in coordination with her movements. I have learned the correct placement of my spine with her, and it literally affects every single exercise, movement, variation, etc.

At the moment, I am in love with Alina Cojocaru, principal with the Royal Ballet. I saw her live in Sleeping Beauty with ABT last spring, and it was incredible (look at past blog to read about it!), and I have seen her in videos doing Giselle (her best role by far), Nutcracker, and Don Q.

Favorite Ballerinas of all Time: (definately not ranked)
Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Makarova, Alina Cojocaru, Alessandra Ferri Carla Fracci Gelsey Kirkland Evgenia Obratsova, Natlia Osipova, Polina Semionova, Svetlana Zakharova, Alytnai Asylmuratova

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

non, je ne regrette rien

"Non, Je ne regrette Rien" Edith Piaf. came up on shuffle (as usual), and made me think I was in a dream (anyone else see Inception?)

OH MY GOSH I HAVE BEEN INVITED TO THE JOFFREY BALLET AS A TRAINEE NEXT YEAR!!!!! I just got the email like five minutes ago! I am very excited -- I don't know if I want to go, but it it definitely a HUGE possibility.

My sister and I have begun writing to eachother. Hopefully it will become a routine rather than a drag to write and buy stamps.... etc.

This is a letter my sister sent me!! <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href=""> This is my letter I'm sending my sister in return
It is a collage with the three-page letter stapled on top =]

Unfortunately as for my Gamzatti video, I am relying on someone else's camera, and she doesn't know how to use it yet, so we're having technical difficulties. For the time being, here are some stupid studio photos I took myself. As you can tell, I have bad whispies and bun-making skills.

Ta-ta for now, I have to get ready for Dance History class!!

Monday, February 14, 2011


"yellow" coldplay. classic song

I will have a post tomorrow with pictures and hopefully a video from my rehearsals this past weekend for Gamzatti! I promise pictures, and hopefully the video.

The other day I made a smoothie (or rather I've been having one everyday!!)

My Smoothie Recipe: Minute Maid Frozen Raspberry-Lemonade concentrate (1/3c), half banana, 4 strawberries, frozen berries (melt a little before blending), pineapple juice or pineapples (1/3c), soy milk (1/3c), whey protein.

It is delicious and soooo refreshing! Would be great on a nice warm summer day (which despite my being in Florida, it isn't warm). I highly recommend buying the "Magic Bullet". I have to thank my roommate for letting me use it almost everyday. It is awesome, very safe and easy to use and clean. It even comes with cups with handles to drink out of! I have only used it for smoothies, so I don't know how it works on veggies etc.

Oh yeah, I am on a fat diet now. Meaning I want to lose a few before the competition and my Pittsburgh audition. Right now I have gained some from xmas break. I would like to lose atleast 3, but 5 would be great. What I had today:
Breakfast: mini clif bar, half apple (it tasted horrible)
Lunch: salad with dressing, olives, and beets, and mini clif bar
Snack: Nutrigrain bar
Dinner: I plan on cooking some pasta or I will see what the catering has to offer. (Our school has a catering service instead of on-sight cooking which I would prefer). The catering is part of the reason why it is so hard to maintain or lose weight. Being a vegan/vegetarian, it is even harder because the only thing I can eat is bread.

Anyone have any suggestions to help lose weight within 2-3 weeks? Despite the rumors/facts whatever, I am thinking about skipping breakfast because it only makes me hungrier and adds so many calories. For lunch, the clif bar is perfect or else anything heavier hurts in ballet class. My problem is I snack/binge like crazy before/after dinner.

subterranean homesick blues

"subterranean homesick blues" bob dylan

here are some pics from a random photoshoot last week. I'm going to apply to American Apparel. Still need to have another outfit though.

Which ones should I use? I know that I need another outfit or two. Something more girly and American. not so dark. AA is all about layering and crazy colors (which I love), but it just wasn't evident in this shoot. I think I will send in some of my ballet pics so they can see my dancing. I love how AmericanApparel is so interested in their employees' opinions and other artistic talents. It really makes me want to work there ever more!

Will post more fashion pics once they've been taken!

Friday, February 11, 2011

sitting at whole foods

So I'm sitting at the Whole Foods cafe drinking a kombucha and granny smith apple chips. For those of you who don't know, kombucha is fermented tea. They have different flavors, and my personal favorite is Cranberry because it tastes very similar to red wine. The tea does have a little bit of alcohol in it, but it's so insignificant that people under 21 can purchase it (however it used to have a higher percentage until Whole Foods took it off the market to reduce the alcohol content). Anyways it's amazing. It tastes like a sparkling fruit beverage, except real - not phony. [I always feel like Holden Caulfield when I say 'phony']

At first I was reading the Fountainhead, and then someone came up to me asking about the book. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. Read about it on wikipedia - it has a great description and explanation of the philosophy, plot, characters, etc. The boy who came up to me told me that the protagonist of the novel could have been based on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright (even though Wright and Rand both denied it).

Anyways then I put down the book and facebooked and listened to dark side of the moon (one of the best albums ever -- i feel another list coming on!) and then watched some Prix de Lausanne vids.

I am having camera issues; it still takes photos, but it cannot zoom in. I do promise to have a video up of my variation and possibly the contemporary piece. I am rehearasing the contemporary tomorrow with my jazz teacher (who graciously offered to help me). I am nervous because I know that I'm an amateur choreographer, and I rushed to put together this piece. I hope that she can help me fix the awkward moments and blank spaces.

ta ta for now! I promise to be a better blogger with vids and pics!!

summer '68

"summer 68'" pink floyd

I've been having a really hard time getting into the 'spirit' of dancing these past few months. I almost never feel like going to dance, and I have no initiative to dance. Classes are boring and monotonous... they drag on and I can't wait to get out of class. I know that this isn't the real me, and I hate how this is happening to me. Is it a coincidence, or is the same thing happening to me now that happened to me last year? I don't want to be depressed, I want to dance because I know I love it. I can feel the pounds creeping on and my technique getting worse.

I need to re-evaluate things this weekend.

On a better note, I have officially seen every Seinfeld episode! It is hard to say which are my favorite episodes, but these are some that I always remember:
- the red dot (cashmere sweater)
- the pez dispenser
- the contest
- the glasses
- the soup nazi
- the sponge
- bizarro jerry
- the little jerry
- van buren boys
- the susie

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch, but this is what I remember from just reading the episode titles on wiki.

I will try to write some other time this weekend, and hopefully I will be more uplifted and can actually talk about some ballet tips/technique or something ballet-related

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

drain you

"drain you" nirvana

My achilles started acting up yesterday. I was massaging my foot, and then I hit a weird place to the left of my left achilles right above the heel. Now it hurts to dance and even to walk. I'm scared. I had the cortisone shot done in mid-November, so it has only been three months. I'm almost done with auditions, but I don't want it to start hurting again! I can't even imagine being in that pain. I am so scared. For now I think I will try icing it after classes (even though I hate doing this). My doctor always told me to submerge my feet in a bucket of ice and cold water for atleast 10 minutes (or until it gets numb).

Thought I would have a movie list for today =]

favorite movies ever: (not in any particular order)
-boondock saints
-king's speech
-la vita e bella
-pulp fiction
-the departed
-across the universe
-wayne's world
-miracle at st. anna
-harold and kumar go to white castle

Today our school hosted a sort of Ballet Teachers' Convention. A bunch of teachers watched our technique and partnering class. A bit embarrassing because I completely fell doing a double pique turn. Tomorrow I have ballet pedagogy (which I absolutely love, but it stinks to sit on the floor in the studio with no back support).

Today my friend and I had a mini-photoshoot. We are planning on applying to americanapparel for jobs. Part of the requirement is to send in photos of our own "style", and show other pieces of art or clothing that inspire us, etc etc. I would love to work at AA because of how interested they are in their employees and their style. I love the clothes and how I can put together so many outfits. I just need to find out where I will be this summer and upcoming year so I know which location to apply to.

Going to read some more (The Fountainhead) and off to bed! ta ta for now!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

car hiss by my window

"car hiss by my window" the doors

First, I would like to apologize for being 2-3 days late in my posting. I promised I would be talking about The King's Speech. After I watched it, I was literally speechless - no pun intended. Because it has been a few days since I saw it, I have been able to collect my thoughts. It has definitely made my favorite movie list (hmmm new list!!). For those of you who don't know, it's a British film starring Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush at their best. What seemed like a simple and well, boring plot, was actually what made the movie so intelligent.

It takes place in England before and during the beginning of WWII. The Duke of York (Colin Firth) had a very horrible stammer that prevented him from delivering speeches to his public. His wife finds an Australian speech-therapist (Geoffrey Rush) who agrees to secretly cure the Duke. The Duke's training session begins with much doubt, and he actually left his first session. Lionel Logue (the speech-therapist) tricks the Duke into coming back once the Duke has listened to a record of himself saying the "to be or not to be" soliloquy with perfect fluidity (Lionel tricked him by making him listen to Mozart's Marriage of Figaro while unknowingly saying the soliloquy perfectly without any stammers).

Their therapy sessions were unique in the way of their process; Lionel had the Duke exercising, singing, dancing, screaming, and even swearing. Sounds weird, but it worked. By making him do these embarrassing or hard exercises, Lionel prepared the Duke for any situation such as the feeling of tightness on the chest (he had his wife sit on top of the Duke).

What made this movie even more interesting was the fact that it is historical. Of course there is added drama for the effect (such as the swearing, in-formalities, and Winston Churchill's portrayal). After King George V's death, his first son took the throne, but soon abdicated and eloped. This left the Duke of York to the throne. The climax of the film was when King George VI had forty minutes to prepare his first formal speech as King to his country when the war first began.

As I said before, I left his movie absolutely speechless. Now it is all I can talk about. Every moment, every character, in this film was necessary - there were no awkward pauses or moments. I would give this film five out of five stars. It was dramatic, historical, comedic, and realistic. It portrays man's smallest fears which end up being his biggest fears. More than that, it proves that even an ordinary man (Lionel) can make the biggest difference in someone's life (or country). I recommend this film for people of all ages (there are two scenes where they repeatedly swear, but it is for therapy, not insults). It will make you cry, but in the end, they will be tears of joy.

Friday, February 4, 2011

hotel california

hotel california by the eagles. classic. second favorite song ever

just wanted to write a few before bed. watched "the king's speech" and it was amazing, and I want to write about it more in depth tomorrow. anyone else see it?

quick good news: accepted to Texas Ballet Theatre's SI. Woot woot!

will talk again tomorrow =D

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"revolver" rage against the machine

I must say that one of my most favorite things to do is making lists.... crazy right? Call me a weirdo, I don't care, but I love being organized in my routines. I think it would be cool to have a list for every post I have. Right now music is on my mind so...

Favorite music artists (sometimes the order changes depending on the day or week or month... but it is always these artists)

1. beatles
2. pink floyd
3. led zeppelin
4. muse
5. dave matthews band
6. queen
7. rolling stones
8. sublime
9. nirvana
10. green day
11. radiohead
12. the doors
13. bob dylan

Anyways, so today was a normal day. We had technique, partnering, Paquita rehearsal, and Gamzatti rehearsal. My blisters still hurt, but are way better than last Friday. I couldn't finish Gamzatti en pointe, so I did the second part of rehearsal on flat shoes. We are doing the pas de trois from Paquita. We learned the two girls' variations today and had a sort of audition (even though I feel the parts have already been chosen). I like the variation with the pas bourees and breeze vole's. The other one is great too, but I prefer the petit allegro variation.

In Gamzatti rehearsal, we have especially been working on my epaulement and hands which tend to be too tense. I need to build up my stamina so I began doing my treadmill workouts again. I walk 4 mph for 0.4 miles, and then jog 5.5 mph for 0.5 miles, and then walk 3.5 mph for 0.1 miles. Then I stop and do crunches and push ups. Then I repeat the whole process again. In the end I have walked one mile and jogged one mile in about 25-30 minutes.

Anyone else know some cardio0building exercises that do not involve running or putting pressure on the joints? At my boarding school we have a treadmill... that's all our "working-out equipment" unfortunately. Would love comments or messages about any other exercises to build stamina/cardio.

I need to study calculus since I am not doing so well =/
Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wish you were here

"wish you were here" pink floyd. one of my absolute faves.

Great news! I finished choreographing my contemporary solo! Although it still needs extreme editing, but now I have a place and movement to do onstage for every part of the song (last week I had a bunch of empty spaces). Although this is no artistic-feat since I have been rushing to finish it, I would like to edit it and use it in the future (perhaps at Pittsburgh Ballet's Summer Intensive Choreography show). I have had my brother shorten the music for me to 2:15.... the original song is about 5-6 minutes! So perhaps for the Choreography show, I can lengthen it and add more dancers.

Today an Artistic Director came in from a local company in Miami to take a look at our seniors. I felt that I did well, but I didn't feel comfortable and at ease today. My body just felt strange. I think maybe it's because at the moment I am going through a rough time with my whole vegan diet. I have been a "fish-eating" vegan for a little more than two years now. However I always shutter to call myself a vegan because I cheat quite often (cheese is my downfall). Lately, this past month, I have been thinking of going just vegetarian. But I feel that I am killing the part of myself that feels vegan is the healthiest way to go. It is just so hard to get the right nutrition at a boarding school that does not supply tofu or more vegetarian options. Tonight I'm food shopping, so hopefully I can get more ideas other than my soup that I've been having for dinner every night this past month...

On top of everything else, I really need to lose about five pounds. I'm scared that if I 'diet' I will go crazy and not eat enough. The life of a dancer is a never-ending hell. However I can never imagine doing any other profession.