Monday, February 14, 2011

subterranean homesick blues

"subterranean homesick blues" bob dylan

here are some pics from a random photoshoot last week. I'm going to apply to American Apparel. Still need to have another outfit though.

Which ones should I use? I know that I need another outfit or two. Something more girly and American. not so dark. AA is all about layering and crazy colors (which I love), but it just wasn't evident in this shoot. I think I will send in some of my ballet pics so they can see my dancing. I love how AmericanApparel is so interested in their employees' opinions and other artistic talents. It really makes me want to work there ever more!

Will post more fashion pics once they've been taken!

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I Live For It said...

That third photo is SICK. You are being graceful while even hanging from a wall- def our type of girl-we both grew up dancing too ;)-- Live for it! Ha! Happy V-day babe!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza