Tuesday, February 22, 2011

time to pretend

"time to pretend" mgmt

Here are a few select items from my dance bag:


This foam roller is my savior. We have been together for about 4-5 years now. She has traveled with me to NJ, DC, PA, NYC, and FL. She is quite ancient, and almost too soft so massage me anymore. This roller has saved my hips so many times (I have tendinitis in both my hips). It is amazing for massaging IT bands and apparently it helps people's backs (it actually completely messes up my back, but it may work for you, so please don't be discouraged). I highly suggest every dance to buy one. Check out this website, although research more for better prices!


Also in this picture is my "Stick". It actually belongs to my physical therapist from last year, but I think I am permanently borrowing it :) Shhhh. This thing is even better than the foam roller! It's shorter and thinner, better for traveling. Only problem I foresee is that my friend got stopped at security in the airport because of it (just plea your ballerina innocence). This is amazing for massaging feet, calves, thighs, IT bands, iliosoas (forgive my spelling), or anything you name it! My "stick" is unique because my PT had it custom-ordered since they only make this particular model for professional football players. The others sold on stock are not as severe and hard-cored. http://www.thestick.com/
#2. These are my handy-dandy peds! Funny story; My best friend and I were shopping (many years ago, I can't even remember when) and decided to do the BOGO sale, so we bought turquoise and green HUE peds. They are (or were I should say) sooo soft. We each traded a sock, so that we would have both colors each (I know she still wears them to this day). I needed a toe pad not as thick as Ouch Pouches, so I decided to cut these socks in half to
use as toe pads. They are the best thing because they let me feel the ground when I'm dancing, and I don't get blisters like I do with normal cotton socks. If you're looking for a toe pad more than lambs' wool or paper towels but less than ouch pouches, just cut an old sock in half (look for a thicker sock).
#3. These booties were an amazing find at the Nordstrom Rack this weekend. Got them for only $10!!! They are padded on the bottom and have rubber on the outside sole, so you can wear them outside, inside, and in the studio to warm up!
#4. KD Dance black overalls. Definately not cheap, but worth every penny. I've had these for 5 years now. Yes there are holes, but I have cheaply sewn them together. These are great for warming up and if your teacher permits, the beginning of class or rehearsals. I like wearing them on one shoulder and rolling up one of the legs. This way I can see a little bit of pink under all the black. These come in many different colors. All KD Dance warm-ups are amazing (I own several in different colors from various Christmases).

Love to hear anyone elses' favorites! Keep in touch!

Also, just found out from Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre SI last week! I got in! Wooo. I'm looking forward to probably going there again this summer!

OK, I have to go to dance history now. We have a test on the Classical Era (Petitpa, Legnani, Tchaikovsky, Ceccheti, etc etc...)

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