Wednesday, February 2, 2011


"revolver" rage against the machine

I must say that one of my most favorite things to do is making lists.... crazy right? Call me a weirdo, I don't care, but I love being organized in my routines. I think it would be cool to have a list for every post I have. Right now music is on my mind so...

Favorite music artists (sometimes the order changes depending on the day or week or month... but it is always these artists)

1. beatles
2. pink floyd
3. led zeppelin
4. muse
5. dave matthews band
6. queen
7. rolling stones
8. sublime
9. nirvana
10. green day
11. radiohead
12. the doors
13. bob dylan

Anyways, so today was a normal day. We had technique, partnering, Paquita rehearsal, and Gamzatti rehearsal. My blisters still hurt, but are way better than last Friday. I couldn't finish Gamzatti en pointe, so I did the second part of rehearsal on flat shoes. We are doing the pas de trois from Paquita. We learned the two girls' variations today and had a sort of audition (even though I feel the parts have already been chosen). I like the variation with the pas bourees and breeze vole's. The other one is great too, but I prefer the petit allegro variation.

In Gamzatti rehearsal, we have especially been working on my epaulement and hands which tend to be too tense. I need to build up my stamina so I began doing my treadmill workouts again. I walk 4 mph for 0.4 miles, and then jog 5.5 mph for 0.5 miles, and then walk 3.5 mph for 0.1 miles. Then I stop and do crunches and push ups. Then I repeat the whole process again. In the end I have walked one mile and jogged one mile in about 25-30 minutes.

Anyone else know some cardio0building exercises that do not involve running or putting pressure on the joints? At my boarding school we have a treadmill... that's all our "working-out equipment" unfortunately. Would love comments or messages about any other exercises to build stamina/cardio.

I need to study calculus since I am not doing so well =/
Until tomorrow!

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Izi said...

Hi Rachel,

Sorry I haven't been reading/commenting lately. I was overseese, then when I got back, went straight to school. Anyway, I agree, I love making lists too. They are so cool.

Love the post.

Izi xoxo