Monday, February 21, 2011


watching seinfeld episode: Maestro

Just felt like posting some random artwork. I did this before the winter holiday. It's my best friend, and roommate. I admit drawing from photo is cheating, but I really enjoyed taking pictures of her. I think I still need to do some touch-ups on the drawing. It's on a colored canson paper with an ebony pencil and white charcoal. Plain + Simple = Awesome

I also did another photoshoot (I mean taking the photos) of my roommate. Not sure if she would let me post, but will ask. Plan on having another shoot sometime soon of another friend at my school.

We had a three day weekend! Half of the kids went to Universal, and the other half (me) stayed here. Luckily the weather was gorgeous! We went to the pool on Saturday, tanning yesterday outside on campus, and today I went to the beach! Got a little burned, but nothing bad. I don't think my teachers would be too upset since we have several months until the show. (At my school, the teachers go crazy if you get tan lines or sun-burned because it shows up on stage).

Anyways using some aloe vera for now, but it's not that bad even.

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