Monday, February 28, 2011

roadhouse blues

 "Roadhouse Blues" The Doors

So my auditions are over! Well technically I have one more, plus the competition this weekend.  OK, so my first audition I think i got a contract, but it is not for sure, so I will let you know.  The second audition was BalletMet in NYC.... there were over 100 people, and the combinations were made impossible.  No joke. They wanted us to promenade en pointe.  We also had a very difficult turning sequence (in  arabesque, attitude, arabesque, and then a la seconde) finishing into a penche en pointe.  Oh and petit allegro.... sooo fast.  This is when I wish I liked Balanchine training.  Anyways I got cut the second time around, I'm not surprised.  However there is still a possible trainee opportunity.... so maybe I will hear back from them.  For the mean time, I have the competition this weekend and then Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre audition in two weeks.  Then I will be officially finished.  Oh and I also got into University of Cincinnati's Ballet program!!  I don't want to go, but now I can say that I applied and got into a college.

protesters in Boston Saturday morning... they were supporting free choice for abortion. There were also Libya protesters, but I couldn't get a picture
So I was an official vegetarian this weekend (not vegan)!  And so I got French Onion soup (It had mozzarella in it).  It was over-spiced, and my mom's soup is waaay better.  But hey, nice picture.

And I got the typical tuna-seared salad... It was fine. Nothing special, getting my protein in
Anyways I had a good time in Boston, NYC, and home.  I miss my cat and my family and friends.  92 days until I am officially done with school.  11 until spring break!

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