Friday, February 11, 2011

sitting at whole foods

So I'm sitting at the Whole Foods cafe drinking a kombucha and granny smith apple chips. For those of you who don't know, kombucha is fermented tea. They have different flavors, and my personal favorite is Cranberry because it tastes very similar to red wine. The tea does have a little bit of alcohol in it, but it's so insignificant that people under 21 can purchase it (however it used to have a higher percentage until Whole Foods took it off the market to reduce the alcohol content). Anyways it's amazing. It tastes like a sparkling fruit beverage, except real - not phony. [I always feel like Holden Caulfield when I say 'phony']

At first I was reading the Fountainhead, and then someone came up to me asking about the book. It is awesome and I highly recommend it. Read about it on wikipedia - it has a great description and explanation of the philosophy, plot, characters, etc. The boy who came up to me told me that the protagonist of the novel could have been based on the architect Frank Lloyd Wright (even though Wright and Rand both denied it).

Anyways then I put down the book and facebooked and listened to dark side of the moon (one of the best albums ever -- i feel another list coming on!) and then watched some Prix de Lausanne vids.

I am having camera issues; it still takes photos, but it cannot zoom in. I do promise to have a video up of my variation and possibly the contemporary piece. I am rehearasing the contemporary tomorrow with my jazz teacher (who graciously offered to help me). I am nervous because I know that I'm an amateur choreographer, and I rushed to put together this piece. I hope that she can help me fix the awkward moments and blank spaces.

ta ta for now! I promise to be a better blogger with vids and pics!!


Izi said...

hi rachel,

thanks for the post, it's very interesting. i love those drinks, they are so yummy.

i don't think you are a BAD blogger, cus' your good.

have a nive day

izi x

Izi said...

sorry, you see where I was trying to say "nice," i accidently spelt it with a v instead of a c. confusing. sorry

Izi said...

ha ha ha ha ha - the more i think about it, the more i feel like an idiot

Rachel Carina said...

if it makes you feel any better, I didn't even notice the error at all!