Friday, February 25, 2011

in a hotel.... somewhere in boston

WoooO!!!! I am in Boston! The drive up was a bit scary because it was raining like crazy and there were tractor-trailers all over the place! ANyways we made good time, checked into our hotel, and then met up with my brother.

We went to the "Pour House"... I had a "Giant Burrito" made with vegetables of course =]. My brother had a burger and clam chowder, my Mom had the fish n chips. Both my mom and brother had Blue Moon beer while I sat there sipping water.... Oh the thrill of being underage.
(By the way, did you know that not only do they card you in Massachusetts, but they also ask for a credit card to confirm!)

After dinner, we went to my brother's apartment which he rents with four other students. Wow. College apartments are gross. Or maybe that's the result of five men living together. I don't know. My brother took me through five levels of spiraling stairs up to the roof. The view was awesome (I forgot my camera!), and we could see the whole city! Beautiful. Although the trip up and down the stairs were scary because only my cell phone light guided us :o

And then it started to snow!!!!!! wooo

After hanging out, we went to the New England Conservatory to watch a jazz band perform for about an hour and a half. It was ok. Honestly I got bored. I felt like they played too loud and it sounded like whining sometimes. But I really loved the bass and one of the saxes. My brother had to take notes because he has to write a critique on it for school.

Now I'm in our hotel room; mom is reading The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Gosh, I haven't read that since the eighth grade! Maybe I'll watch some of a movie before bed or read The fountainhead and doze off...

Ajkun audition tomorrow! Tres tres heureux!!!!!

Somewhere off of 90 in MA

Tappanzee Bridge before NY/CT

In the Pour House with my mom and brother

My Prom invitation! Theme is Las Vegas... wish I could go

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Kathleen Carla. said...

omg snow! i haven't been in snow FOREVER, but it looks lovely for you. hope you're dressing warm! :) and aww your prom invitation is SOO cute! wish we had one like that lol. and what a lovely theme, las vegas!! prettyyy :) can't wait to see your dress! :)

<3, Kathleen.