Friday, February 25, 2011

early morning HOME!!

not listening to any music right now... but I am finally HOME!! Well temporarily. I"m leaving within the next hour for Boston for an audition. Yeah, that's right. Boston. Hopefully I will get to see my brother who studies at Northeastern University.

Friday: drive to Boston, sleep in hotel
Saturday: ballet company audition, drive home
Sunday: company audition in NYC, drive or take train home, sleep in my own bed
Monday: leave back for school =[

So as you see, I'm really not home...
I arrived here last night. And found our family room furniture rearranged, my cat stole my fluffy green blanket, and my eating utensils felt so heavy compared to my school's plastic ones. That's kind of sad.

What's nice? I literally don't have to pack because my suitcase is already packed from yesterday!! Talk about convenience.

I need to find some way to entertain myself in the car. ipod is fully charged, brewing some hot chocolate with soy as we speak, The Fountainhead, camera (I don't think my mom will like this), uhmm what else? I haven't had a long car ride since we drove to Pittsburgh last summer. Now that was one hell of a drive!

Anyways will write more tonight in the hotel.


I Live For It said...

Hope all of your auditions go fantastic!! We'll be crossing our fingers for u babe!!!

Hope ur well gorgeous!

I Live For It

Xx. Jewls and Liza

Rachel Carina said...

Thanks girls!