Thursday, February 17, 2011


"something" beatles cover by across the universe soundtrack =D

Who am I really inspired by right now? Honestly I love my ballet teacher. She is just so incredible, it's hard to describe. She has invested her life in ballet so much that I don't think I have ever met anyone else so dedicated to her passion of ballet. The thing I love most about her is her utilization of her back in coordination with her movements. I have learned the correct placement of my spine with her, and it literally affects every single exercise, movement, variation, etc.

At the moment, I am in love with Alina Cojocaru, principal with the Royal Ballet. I saw her live in Sleeping Beauty with ABT last spring, and it was incredible (look at past blog to read about it!), and I have seen her in videos doing Giselle (her best role by far), Nutcracker, and Don Q.

Favorite Ballerinas of all Time: (definately not ranked)
Maya Plisetskaya, Natalia Makarova, Alina Cojocaru, Alessandra Ferri Carla Fracci Gelsey Kirkland Evgenia Obratsova, Natlia Osipova, Polina Semionova, Svetlana Zakharova, Alytnai Asylmuratova

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Izi said...

Yeah, I love my ballet teacher, too. She is sooo lovely and encouraging, it will be so hard to leave her when we move (we're moving, to find out more about it, just head to my blog). My ballet teacher is totally awesome, I totally understand you.

Thanks so much for the beautiful picture, and the post too, of course!

Izi xoxo