Monday, February 14, 2011


"yellow" coldplay. classic song

I will have a post tomorrow with pictures and hopefully a video from my rehearsals this past weekend for Gamzatti! I promise pictures, and hopefully the video.

The other day I made a smoothie (or rather I've been having one everyday!!)

My Smoothie Recipe: Minute Maid Frozen Raspberry-Lemonade concentrate (1/3c), half banana, 4 strawberries, frozen berries (melt a little before blending), pineapple juice or pineapples (1/3c), soy milk (1/3c), whey protein.

It is delicious and soooo refreshing! Would be great on a nice warm summer day (which despite my being in Florida, it isn't warm). I highly recommend buying the "Magic Bullet". I have to thank my roommate for letting me use it almost everyday. It is awesome, very safe and easy to use and clean. It even comes with cups with handles to drink out of! I have only used it for smoothies, so I don't know how it works on veggies etc.

Oh yeah, I am on a fat diet now. Meaning I want to lose a few before the competition and my Pittsburgh audition. Right now I have gained some from xmas break. I would like to lose atleast 3, but 5 would be great. What I had today:
Breakfast: mini clif bar, half apple (it tasted horrible)
Lunch: salad with dressing, olives, and beets, and mini clif bar
Snack: Nutrigrain bar
Dinner: I plan on cooking some pasta or I will see what the catering has to offer. (Our school has a catering service instead of on-sight cooking which I would prefer). The catering is part of the reason why it is so hard to maintain or lose weight. Being a vegan/vegetarian, it is even harder because the only thing I can eat is bread.

Anyone have any suggestions to help lose weight within 2-3 weeks? Despite the rumors/facts whatever, I am thinking about skipping breakfast because it only makes me hungrier and adds so many calories. For lunch, the clif bar is perfect or else anything heavier hurts in ballet class. My problem is I snack/binge like crazy before/after dinner.

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