Monday, March 28, 2011

shine on

"Shine On" by JET

So I wanted to do a post on one of my favorite dancers. Correction: danseurs.

- Here is a quick bio (thanks wikipedia).
- Born: March 26th 1975, age 36 in Casale Monferrato, Italy.
- School: La Scala Theatre School, Paris Opera Ballet School (under Nureyev)
- Companies: La Scala (principal, promoted to Etoile 2003/2004 season), Paris Opera Ballet, currently in his second season as Principal with the American Ballet Theatre.  He has also freelanced for Royal Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, and Vienna State Opera just to name a few.
- He has performed for the Queen of England as well as the President of Russia (for Maya Plistetskaya's 75th anniversary performance).  He has danced with famous partners such as Alessandra Ferri (he played Romeo in Ferri's Farewell performance in 2007), Darcy Bussel, Svetlana Zakharova, Polina Semionova, Julie Kent, etc. etc.
- So far this season with ABT, he is dancing Giselle with Herrera, and Lady of the Camellias with Kent

I'm a bit disappointed that he isn't doing Don Q or Swan Lake because I think he would look amazing as a toreador or wearing white tights.  tehee
Anyways his body is freaking amazing, and forget that, LOOK AT HIS FACE!!  And if you listen to his interview (check out youtube, my best friend), he has the hottest Italian accent.  And I suppose he also speaks French and of course English now.  I love him dancing with Alessandra Ferri... I only wish they would publish a video of them doing Romeo & Juliet together.  That would be the day.  Until then, I suppose the video with him and Kent will do (check out the video clip below).  Also watch him do Manon with Ferri (it's breathtaking and you will cry). 

I should stop professing my love to him and do some homework and ice my spasm-ing back.  enjoy the pictures (I didn't put up the nudes because I wanted to keep it PG, but it was sooo tempting). 

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