Friday, April 1, 2011


"burnout" green day. well actually song just changed to "having a blast". same album. same goodness.

Anyways so I made the MOST amazing blog post, and then i hit the 'return' button or something, and i lost everything!!!!  I'm so mad.  Anyway I'm going to try to re-create it the best i can.

So I will be in the tri-state area for most of June, and I have extra moolah from my spring break fund!  Sooo... what do I spend it on? Well a new Yumiko sounds nice.... but lets face reality, I would much rather see two ballets than buy one leotard (actually I don't know how true that it).  But for educational purposes, I really want to see some of ABT's Spring Season.  My main goal in choosing which shows to see is that I NEED to see Roberto Bolle, and of course, every year I see my favorite dancer, Natalia Osipova.  Based on the time I'll be home, I can see either Giselle (with Gomes and Vishneva), Lady of the Camellias (with Bolle and Kent), Coppelia (with Osipova and Stiefel!!!), Cinderella (with Gomes and Kent), or The Bright Streams (with Reyes, Cornejo, Osipova, and Simkin).

Alora - so -  I did some research on "The Bright Stream", and I learned the following.  It was originally performed by the Mariinsky in 1935, but the choreography was lost.  In either 2003 or 2008 (my sources conflicted one another), Ratmansky re-staged the entire ballet for the Bolshoi (which they also performed in the US).  Now that he is resident choreographer with ABT, they are performing it! Woot woot.  So I watched the Bolshoi version with Maria Alexandrova, and it was awesome!  It seems very typical old folk-loric Soviet Russian.  That is what I love about it, but it is what I think ABT won't be able to grasp.  It is an American company, and I don't know how this folk ballet will translate.  ABT premiered The Bright Stream at the Kennedy Center this past January with Gillian Murphy as the lead, and the reviews were pretty good, but not fantastic.  It was very comedic (there is a scene or act where the girlfriend and boyfriend switch places - pointe shoes and everything).  i think this would be a great opportunity for me to see a literally "Russian" ballet (choreographically speaking I mean).

I think I have another money to see atleast two shows, possibly three.  I am definitely watching Coppelia with Osipova and of course Bolle in Lady of the Camellias.  If I save more money, I will also definitely see Bright Stream.

Anyway cheers everyone!  I'm cheering myself with my smoothie  =] strawberries, banana, pink lemonade, whey protein, berries, pineapple juice, and soy milk.... IT"S SO GOOD.

<---- Video

Natalia Osipova in Bolshoi's The Bright Stream
Check out the vid!  And go to the youtube page because there it has more extensive parts of Act 1 and Act 2.
Bolshoi in Bright Stream.  Yes, that is a man. =P

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