Friday, April 29, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

Currently listening to the whole dark side of the moon album. "us and them" playing at the moment.

Today was kinda crazy.  My head was hurting a little, but it stopped after I took some pills ("pills are good" - dumb and dumber).  My variation class we did the second Odalisque variation (second var.).  I got frustrated because I knew the choreography and music, and my teacher said I was wrong.  I know I was right, and so did everyone in the room.  I'll stop complaining.  It turns out the same time I had variations, our partnering teacher got nose-whipped, and he was bleeding.  His nose looked a bit crooked afterwards but he's fine.  Then I had contemporary rehearsal.  It went well, especially since it was my second time running the pas de deux section.  

So happy one of my coolest friends, hem hem, pav, started blogging (check her out!).  She made her first post early early this morning.. or late last night? Well anyways hit her up, I predict her blog will be amazing.  Anyways she inspired me (yet again for the tenth time?) with her first post, so I am going to do a similar post with things about me (not put in ranking order)

#1."Dark Side of the Moon" album

How amazing is this album?  It's too amazing for words to express.  I'm one of those people that like to listen to albums, not songs.  And this album is perfect.  "And if the cloud bursts thunder in your ear.  You shout but no one seems to hear.  And if the band your in, starts playing different tunes, I'll see you on the dark side of the moon".

My brother took me to a Machine (most perfect pink floyd cover band) concert at BB King's for xmas.  It was so freaking amazing.  If The Machine comes to your town, GO SEE THEM.

I must say, my other favorite Pink Floyd album is "Wish You Were Here".

Stephen King.  Ok, so I don't like him, I just like reading his books.  I've read Dead Zone, It, The Shining, The Stand, Desperation, Cujo, Thinner, and probably others I can't remember.  All of them are amazing and so much better than the movies.


LA VITA E BELLA: LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL; This is my absolute most favorite movie ever.  I have an obsession with Italian films, due to my innate Italian pride.  It's such a beautiful film; it's comedic, dramatic, and romantic.  If you don't like crying watching films, DO NOT watch this.  Roberto Benigni is so talented, and his portrayal of this young boy's father is so loving and protective and innocent.  The little boy is ADORABLE.  I just want to squeeze his cheeks and watch him run on those short legs. Nicoletta Braschi of course, is beautiful.  Too bad I am not fluent in Italian, because at least the subtitles are beautiful.

Other awesome Italian films that I love: Cinema Paradiso, La Piccolo Diavolo (also with Benigni), and Amarcord.

SHOES. I love them way too much than my wallet does (or my mother's).  I'd rather buy one pair of shoes than a bunch of cute outfits.  They're worth it.

Natalia Osipova. My favorite ballerina presently dancing.  I love how she involves herself in each character.  Oh course those jumps are amazing, and she definitely jumps higher than the men  I saw her do Giselle (best night of my life ever) and Sleeping Beauty.  One of my dreams is to see her in Don Q.  I love her to death, and I can't wait to see her in Coppelia and The Bright Stream in June.

  Maya Plisetskaya. My favorite ballerina EVER.  Her autobiography is really interesting, and I can't believe all things that she had to go through in her life.  I look up to her most, and I wish I could meet her.  She is THE best odette/odile, and her Bolero is incredible.  Only Natalia Osipova can jump like her.  Did you know that Maya is one of the ballerinas in Chagall's painting at the Metropolitan Opera House?

#7. H&M is the best clothing store. Period.  I have definitely spent the most money at this store, but it was all worth it.  Love the H&M on 5th ave.  I love how they're coming out with alot of designer lines that are more affordable.  This season is so cool - lots and lots o' denim!  (I'm still looking for the perfect high-waisted denim shorts, in case anyone cares).

I HATE how there are no H&M's in Florida.  IT BLOWS.  I always have to wait for when I go home to shop there.  Maybe one day they will spread to the south.  Or even open their online store to the U.S. too! (what's up with that? american store not selling in america online?)

I don't understand. non capisco.

Giselle.  My most favorite ballet.  I love romantic ballets over the classics, and this tops them all.  The thing I love most about this ballet is the music.  I can listen to Act II everyday for the rest of my life... easily (and I do).  It sounds so spooky yet so sincere and soothing.  Giselle needs to be played by a smaller dancer, and by someone who can transform themselves from an innocent peasant girl to a crazy heart-broken woman, and to a spirit.  

I can never figure out Albrecht.  (but I suppose it depends on who is playing Albrecht).  I feel like he is almost the 'hero' of the ballet.  But then again, he can't be the hero.  He pretends to fall in love with Giselle, just so that he can have a good time (sort of sounds like some men today, no?), and then of course everything crashes up into pieces... Giselle goes mad and her poor little heart breaks because it's too weak.  Talk about a romantic ballet...

My favorite part to watch is definitely the Mad Scene and Act II when the Willis are arabesque-chugging across the stage.  

Best Giselle versions: #1 Carla Fracci = best Giselle EVER.  I think most people would agree with this.  Paris Opera Ballet with La√ętitia Pujol is incredible.  The corps de ballet is literally so perfect, it's unbelievable. I absolutely adore Alessandra Ferri as Giselle.  She is so light and airy.  Alina Cojocaru is also a wicked Giselle, but I don't like the Royal Ballet in it.  Svetlana Zakharova is way too tall...  Again I must say, Giselle needs to be a smaller dancer with broader shoulders and beautifully parted hair.

#9. Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  One of my most favorite books.  Only thing is that I hate re-reading it, I can't, because it honestly loses its touch each time.  Nonetheless I enjoy Holden Caulfield's rambling thoughts about phoniness.  Honestly, I do.  Sometimes I feel like I can relate to him when I'm feeling depressed.  Afterall, I go to a freaking boarding school that I hate.  Miss my sister and family.  I've even thought about just leaving my school, but it's so close to graduation.  I also don't call up random people I've barely acquainted myself with... or prostitutes for that matter.

also #9.  This book has greatly influenced me since I first read it in middle school. It's amazing how its told through a young adolescent, yet it explains so much from an adult point of view.

I'm starting to feel another headache coming on.  Alors, je dois dormir.  Good night everyone!  Oh, and I think I saw about a minute of the "3 hour" wedding today.  Yippee. Her dress was nice I guess.  I only saw them sitting.  I don't fancy Willy much, but she's pretty atleast.  What is the big deal, why do so many girls like Willy?  Oh Willy Willy.... pourquoi?

Anyways I hope someone out there enjoyed my narcissistic post... then again this entire blog is conceited.

Ok. good night. buona notte. bon soir. boi noite 


Izi said...

Hey Rachel!

I love the post. It's really great, I love finding out about people's interests and what they like.

I must agree with you on the one about shoes. I adore shoes. My bottom shelf in my cupboard is literally full to the brim with all sorts of shoes.

Acutally, just a few hours ago (today) I got some new tennis like looking shoes - for only 5 DOLLARS!

So exciting! hahaha

Anyway, must go!

Izi : )

pav o said...

1. Aiaiaiaiai! dark side is awesome. but how can you not say the wall?
2. yes, everyone, I INTRODUCED RACH TO AMARCORD! thanks, i just wanted to clear that up :)
2. H&M in Boston rules. Two or three stories high. moral of the story? visit me. and i think h&m, like everything amazing in this world, is british. i am of the thought that we never should have fought the revolutionary war.
4. i hate to kill a mockingbird. but you already knew that :)

Rachel Carina said...

i don't understand your hate of to kill a mockingbird. the wall is ok... it's more of a soundtrack though. dark side and wish you were here are the best. yess!!! i went to h&m in boston, and it was awesome!