Monday, April 11, 2011

soul kitchen

"soul kitchen" the doors.  i'm listening to the entire album right now =]  The Doors never get old.  I can listen to them for hours (especially under a hot summer sun)... I'm dreaming about summer right now.

Last week was Sweet 16 week I swear.  Two of my friends and my sister's birthday.  So many parties!!!  Too much food.  Well obviously I couldn't see my sister since she's practically thirteen states away... but she told me all about her weekend and all her shopping.  Anyways here are some pics from Friday night before we went to Chile's for dinner.

just foolin' around =]

the "style" at my school

scary. this is embarrassing. why do i put up pics like this? well hopefully someone finds it humorous. not me

On me:  American Apparel El Salvador Lace Top, Nordstrom Rack bandeau, American Apparel Corduroy Shorts, Steve Madden leather flats <3
Pavlovshka (that really isn't her name by the way): Forever 21 Top, Forever 21 Pencil Skirt, Betsey Johnson pumps
Kiershka (not her name either hehe): rancesca's Top, American Apparel Corduroy Shorts, Barefeet Shoes.

That's it for me!! Wooo fashion blogging. 


pav said...

you're as fierce as a tyra banks-lion mix.
ps: the bandeau... is there an acceptable and non acceptable time to wear them? because my mom told me i looked like a hoe.

Anonymous said...

versus a camisole-esque thing.

Rachel Carina said...

soo true pav... hmm bandeau-appropriate-venues include cool/weird restaus, clubs, high school (just kidding. unless you are a hoe), and parties. personally i would wear it anytime because they're so comfortable, but unfortunately this society deems it has HOE. i don't blame them. weeww i love contradicting myself tehe

Anonymous said...