Thursday, April 28, 2011

one's trash is another's treasure

"Spiegel im Spiegel" Arvo Part. check out Mats Ek's choreography to it.  He calls it "Smoke", and it's danced none other than the amazing Sylvie Guillem

So I spent about five hours napping today.  Headaches are no fun.  But on the bright side, my head feels alot better after taking some pseudoephedrine (wow that was a hard one to spell) and the light isn't bothering me as much.  Any hoo....

Haven't blogged in what seems like forever.  But it's really been less than a week.  Nonetheless I know some of my followers (hem hem...Pav) are getting antsy.  I thought I would do a post on some of my most favorite things you can find on my dresser such as tea cups, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.  I actually just received ALOT of it from my awesomely amazing friend, Pav (funny I think I write more about her than dance these days).  She was giving away a bunch of her stuff, so she let me snatch all my favorite picks first.  I feel like such a hoarder.

For the pictures, I was inspired by my old school's art class.  I always remember peaking in on the more advanced painting classes.  They did a project where they put a bunch of random items (like pictures, playing cards, necklaces, etc) on a cork board or picture frame.  Then they painted it exactly as it appeared.  Some of the paintings were so amazing that I thought they were real, and I had to touch them just to believe it was a painting!  Who knows, maybe I'll try that some day.  But thanks to my favorite art teacher at my old school and Pav for these awesomely inspired photos =]

Betsey Johnson glasses, watercolor painting by Pav's mom, love hemp bracelets- remind me of summer, evil eye greek bracelet.
really horrible philosophy book, but i'm still waiting maybe there's goodness in it.  my favorite necklace is the "eye of rah" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  also my birthstone ring, forever21 necklace, turquoise<3
those hard to see yellow earrings are from my beloved brother. he go them for me in italy.  rhinestones danglies from pav. can't wait to wear them!
Pray for Japan bracelet from Lady Gaga's website
awesome measuring cups!! wooo i love fishies.  (that picture in the background is me and my mommy!
Kitri tutu from a previous student


Juliet said...

I like the photographs you took. Very artsy. :)

pav o said...

a) i hope you feel better. take as many drugs as you can shove down your throat.
b) i am not your only reader. i'm just the only one with enough time on her hands to post loooooong comments. tell me if it's creepy.
c) my mom's watercolor looks fierce with the book next to it. and the teacups. and the necklace with the orange stone pendant. holy jesus woman... you're a color genius.
d) you were a sick nasty baby.