Saturday, April 23, 2011

rompahhh time!

"knights of cydonia" muse. this song is way too cool.

ASOS. For short-waisted people. like me. love the color. and of course i am obsessed with T-straps.
Bess. this sorta reminds me of a Barbie-doll.
So it's that time of year again. ROMPERS!!!  First off, how comfy are these?  Comfort is definitely my first priority, and let me tell you, I could wear rompers all day and night.  Would love to thank Refinery29 yet again for their awesome advice and ideas. 

American Rag.  Love how long it is, must be airy inside =]
Akira. time to bring sexy back. love shoulders like this since mine are so broad.  
BCBGeneration. and check out those heels. in love

I must admit, I only own one romper, but now I must definitely buy one for the summer!

Latest update: well I mean there really isn't an update.  But for those who actually bother to read this (hem hem pav), I am going to Miami tonight for my Senior Trip (SENIORS 11 !!!!!).  I can't believe I'm graduating in a month!  It's so scary, but I feel like I've been ready for it my whole life (or at least these past three years).  I am so excited to finally get myself out in the world and out of school.  To do what I've been wanting to do for the past 6 years of my life.   Even if I don't make it in the ballet profession, I know that I will always be connected with it.  I love photography and drawing, and it's something that I will always continue doing.  Maybe I will be a dance photographer.  I would also love to critique performances and to open my own school.  No matter what happens, I'm glad that I'm involved in such a beautiful art form.

So cheers for me and my seniors! Have a lovely weekend everyone... or anyone that reads this =D


pav said...

they say that for every person that comments, about ten people read it. so every time i read, nine other people are too :)

and rompers is such a fun word to say. AND they're so much fun to wear. i adore the black back-cutout one. where is it from?

and in the last photo, that girl is stylin' that fedora. i want to wear one without looking like a douche but i don't know how.

Rachel Carina said...

black back-cut-out is Akira.
i say romper out loud everytime i read it. mmmm fedora... fancy vocabulary miss AP amazingness. me want a fedora. i just want to keep saying fedora. fedora fedora fedora.

Izi said...

Hi Rachel,

Wow, I love the pics, they are soooo cool. I'm also loving your blogspot, I read it whenever there is a new post!

Thanks for it

Izi : )