Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 1 Complete

Phew.  I finished Day 1 of the competition.  Still have two more days, tomorrow is especially the toughie.  Today we had to learn a short contemporary in half an hour, then have a technique class (with 3 judges and cameras all over), then learn a variation in an hour, and then perform the contemporary and variation.

The contemporary was very short and to the point.  I didn't really like it as much, but giving the time and space constraints, it went well.  Technique class was alright. Just very crowded.  I had actually forgotten to go with my group for the tendu combination.  I can't believe how empty-headed I was.  The variation was Swanilda's entrance from Act 1. 

I have never learned this variation, only watched it on Prix de Lausanne.  I thought it was hard, but when I did it, it was actually very easy. 

I'm so bushed, I'm going to bed.  Need alot of energy for tomorrow. and God bless my mother for doing all this driving.  Will write more tomorrow if I can!

xoxo Wish me luck!

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Pav said...

having people tape your class must have been so stressful. i hope jose's modern class prepared you for your contemporary variation :)
miss you like carazy and i'm so happy you're doing well!