Saturday, March 26, 2011

cherub rock

Class In Leotard Style 611

"Cherub Rock" Smashing Pumpkins... part of an awesome album by the way. =]

So I went ahead and ordered my pointe shoes, jet glue, ribbons, and new Sweat-Ez Shorts (aka garbage-bag shorts).  And I had some extra moolah, so I sort of splurged and bought a new leotard from Class In Boutique in NYC!!  I've never worn their leotards before, but they're beautiful and I couldn't resist!   I definitely want to check out their boutique and make a custom leo (last time I went they were closed).  Anyways will let you know how much I love it when it comes in!

So I went to the beach today!!  So happy!  Oh and belated news: I am now vegetarian - or at least until graduation because it's too hard being vegan at this boarding school.


Anonymous said...

haha did you first see that leo on patricia zhou's blog!?

Juliet Montesquieu said...

that leo is GORGEOUS. Love it :)

Rachel Carina said...

mmm i first saw it on the class in website, but i think it's extremely similar to the one patty has=]

Karin said...

ohhh I just love the smashing pumpkins SOOO much...Adore is my favourite album. your blog is lovely xxx