Wednesday, February 9, 2011

drain you

"drain you" nirvana

My achilles started acting up yesterday. I was massaging my foot, and then I hit a weird place to the left of my left achilles right above the heel. Now it hurts to dance and even to walk. I'm scared. I had the cortisone shot done in mid-November, so it has only been three months. I'm almost done with auditions, but I don't want it to start hurting again! I can't even imagine being in that pain. I am so scared. For now I think I will try icing it after classes (even though I hate doing this). My doctor always told me to submerge my feet in a bucket of ice and cold water for atleast 10 minutes (or until it gets numb).

Thought I would have a movie list for today =]

favorite movies ever: (not in any particular order)
-boondock saints
-king's speech
-la vita e bella
-pulp fiction
-the departed
-across the universe
-wayne's world
-miracle at st. anna
-harold and kumar go to white castle

Today our school hosted a sort of Ballet Teachers' Convention. A bunch of teachers watched our technique and partnering class. A bit embarrassing because I completely fell doing a double pique turn. Tomorrow I have ballet pedagogy (which I absolutely love, but it stinks to sit on the floor in the studio with no back support).

Today my friend and I had a mini-photoshoot. We are planning on applying to americanapparel for jobs. Part of the requirement is to send in photos of our own "style", and show other pieces of art or clothing that inspire us, etc etc. I would love to work at AA because of how interested they are in their employees and their style. I love the clothes and how I can put together so many outfits. I just need to find out where I will be this summer and upcoming year so I know which location to apply to.

Going to read some more (The Fountainhead) and off to bed! ta ta for now!

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