Thursday, May 26, 2011

on the tiles.... cast A run-thru




paquita pas de trois mid-jump

in the middle of a pas de chat


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spanish dance!!!



tarantella. one of my favorite things is pictures of dancers bowing


hungarian. cutest costumes ever ohmyg

black swan here we go!

anyone else see that movie?

well this is the real black swan. anyway

yeah go siegfried!!

ending pose woot woot!

the three mean "step-sisters" but not really

the wise "couple" that are animals we think?

shadows. really scary. they look like dementors. EXPECTO PATRONUM!!

the vase with water inside (will be black on stage)

the "kiss". mwahahahaha

he really wants her to look inside. but eww that black stuff is gross.

she goes right in haha and surprise it's a necklace.
forever after. the end.
So here are the promised photos from the first costume run-thru!  I regret I'm not in any because I took them all.  Enjoy and read captions =] and sorry everything is in a weird order - just the way it uploaded.


Juliet said...

LOVE the costumes! seems like a really neat ballet school :)

Anonymous said...

uh no joker pics. rude.

Four-eyed Ballerina said...

Wow everyone looks so great!

pav o said...

oh la la! someone is threatening my position as masteur photographeur :) seriously, i LOVE the last one with asam and ale! it is so beautiful and I AM JEALOUS!