Monday, May 9, 2011

boston... yearbook page

"boston" augustana... old song!

Last Friday we got our yearbooks!  It came out really cute I guess.  They picked out a "comic-book" theme, which I didn't really agree with, but whatever.  The cover is awesome, it's a picture of our short-bus with a superhero on top.  The rest of the book doesn't really look like a comic book though.  The good thing about going to such a small school is that the yearbook is very personal, and seniors get their own page!  I wanted my page to be very personal and different from everyone else's.  And it is.  What inspired me the most was myself, music, and art.  I tried to combine different movements with vibrant colors.... whatever check it out.

I put the music sheet for "Stairway to Heaven in the background and burnt the edges (thought I would set off the alarms in my dorm... but I managed the situation with a pillow and water).  The eagle wings is an easy allusion to Aerosmith because their logo is freaking awesome.  Quotes from: Stairway to Heaven "when all are one and one is all; to be a rock and not to roll."  Brain Damage "I can't think of anything else to say except I think it's marvelous hahaha!"  I thought this would be funny and somewhat appropriate under the circumstances.  Also put in Eclipse "matter of fact, it's all dark"... just thought that was also appropriate because life isn't always bright.... sometimes it is all dark, or so it seems.

I used water colored pencils and a sharpie.  The whole process was stressful because I did it the night before it was due.  But it ended up being fun.  I'm happy with the results, and it looks great in the yearbook!

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