Sunday, September 18, 2011

buon appetito

oh the joys of food.

Mmmmmm. Yum yum.  I love my schedule here because it works out perfectly with my diet.

Breakfast: egg whites omelette or oatmeal.  I also have a glass of soy milk with my vitamins.
Snack: Clif bar or almonds (after first class)
Lunch: fruit and veggies (apples, tomatos, carrots, peppers, clementines)
Second Snack: Chobani Greek yogurt (once I get home from the studios)
Dinner: fish, salad, pasta, stuffed peppers, quinoa, green beans, roasted peppers, etc. (any combination of)

*On Wednesdays, I treat myself to a Kombucha from Whole Foods because it's amazing and feels so good. =]

I really do enjoy cooking and I feel that this is such a great experience... I only wish I had cooking space!

Egg Whites Omelette with feta cheese and pesto. Usually I also add tomato or red pepper.

Salmon with red onions and lime juice on simple balsamic salad.
Linguine with kale and kalamata olives. Simple and nutritious. Easy.
Buon appetito!


pav said...

JESUS HOLY CHRIST. A) so healthy it's ridiculous. B) the eggs whites look. so. damn. good. C) i'm visiting just so we can nom together.

Julie said...

I LOOOVE this! I am totally going on your diet. Bet you dont get sick very often eating this way huh? This is perfect I cant wait to start tomorrow!!!!!