Monday, June 7, 2010


WOW. That is all I have to say.

I am so very happy to be home. Home has not changed much, but all the same it still feels strange to be back where I started. I got home Thursday night, and I cleaned/unpacked that night and until Friday afternoon. I'm glad that is done! Woo! I have taken one ballet class, and I've been swimming everyday. Hopefully this will keep the weight off.

As for friends, they are still all in school. I will be visiting them today at lunch though.

Our spring performances were beautiful! Everything went very well, and because I was not in the last piece I got to watch in the audience the Manticides, Straight Up! piece. I will be writing a critique/commentary on that as soon as my notebook gets mailed to my house.

I am wondering how I can still work on cardio in the pool without building up my upper back muscles. It is important that these muscles do not get big because that does not look feminine for a classical line. My ab exercises continue and I still have hope at having a rock hard abdomen.

Talk later!

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