Sunday, June 20, 2010


Just got into Pittsburgh today! What a car ride! I managed to sew three out of seven pointe shoes and sleep for four hours (which made up for only having three hours to sleep last night). So the dorms are very old-fashioned and nice. Only drawback is no AC. I have a fan and I opened the windows, but I'm still working on bug-proofing them. Just figured out how to use the ethernet too!!

Today was orientation and such... I just literally finished unpacking! PHew!!! The PBT studios are truly amazing; they just re-painted, installed new Harlequin floors, and put in new mirrors. There are 150 students here! 23 of which are boys. Four of my friends from school came here for the SI as well, and I have another friend from Kirov's SI a few years back that I know.

I need to get some rest since tomorrow is our placement class (wish me luck!). Plus I still need to sew my canvas slippers and break in some pointe shoes all in one night!

I think I should just shut off this computer... Until we talk again!

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