Thursday, October 14, 2010


Casting has been up for several weeks now. I have been casted in Arabian so far. Luckily I am fairly flexible, so it is easier than other roles; just a three minute adagio. My only difficulty is the "Arabian" portebra. I studied Oriental character very little last year, so I need to work on my arms and posture.

Casting is always crazy because of people getting injured and such, so I am studying two different parts that are opposites of one another (which is good so that I work both sides of my arabesque and other positions).

My hip tendinitis has gotten so much better because of my amazing chiropractor. Unfortunately I can't say the same for my achilles. It hurts to point, releve, and plie - which means I can't do anything basically. I have been cutting out all releves at the barre (on both sides so that I don't compensate), and limiting allegro. The hardest thing for me is not jumping. I really do not know what to do about the tendinitis. My chiro has just been massaging out the adhesions and taping my leg. It isn't working... Should I get some acupuncture? I think that acupuncture may help, but it will not get rid of the tendinitis. I cant afford to keep going to physical therapy or massage therapists.

My cause for the achilles tendinitis is my anatomically flat feet that cause protrusion and misalignment (leads to many other problems too). I am desperate; what if I got reconstructive surgery?

Yours Truly that Doesn't Know What to Do

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