Tuesday, August 17, 2010

back to school!!

I have officially had my first day of school. My schedule was messed up, so tomorrow it will hopefully be ready. I am taking Drawing and Painting, Government, Physics, and English. I like my teachers so far, they seem very fun and interesting. I also had my first ballet classes today. We have a bunch of new students and this first week we all take class together! I was so incredibly nervous because all the teachers were watching us today, and I have not taken class in three weeks!! I was shaking so much that I'm surprised the teacher didn't say anything.

I am 'unpacked', but my roommate and I are waiting for our bunk bed to be made. So the room is a bit of a mess.

I am sad to say that like usual I've gotten sick from the plane ride in. I don't know why but the pressure affects my sinuses so much.

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