Monday, April 19, 2010

I am a very bad blogger =[ but I will try from now on =]

If the title of this blog doesn't make sense, let me elaborate; I need to start blogging more often.
Anyways it has long since been Christmas break. Infact, I have already traveled home for spring break, and now I am back at school.

Dance is going well, except I have been injured for the past month or so. The doctor says he thinks I strained my back and that I have insertional tendonitis where the achilles meets the plantar fascia (in the heel) as well as bursitis on the heel. He prescribed me with orthodics (for my flat feet), a night splint (so my foot does not move during my slumbers), and physical therapy three times a week. All of these things I cannot afford, but luckily the physical therapist here at school is included with my scholarship. =]

My physical therapist and I do not agree with the doctor's diagnostic. What I do know is that there is nothing wrong structurally with my foot/back due to x-rays and an MRI. It is also not plantar fascitis because otherwise I would be crying after taking my first step out of bed in the morning. It also cannot be bursitis because my foot failed the bursitis test.

In the meantime, I limit by battements derriere and jumps. I have also begun to tape my feet (instead of buying $400 orthodics which I cannot even trust will help).

So all of this babbling makes no sense because I am not any further than I was to begin with. At least I feel relieved now.

Anyways, jai ho!
And until next time I log on!

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