Tuesday, December 20, 2011

"angry chair"..... and some nutcracker pics

"angry chair" alice in chains

view of the audience from the stage sooo big!!
beautiful Benedum ceiling
snow costume
flowers costume
Three more shows left!!!  Thank gawd I'm not in the last one because I just want to get home before Christmas Eve!!  Right now I'm waiting for my friend to come over from the airport.  So excited!!!!  Anyways, I hope everyone's last shows are great!


Hannah said...

aw, you are a lovely snowflake and flower. :)

pavlao said...

ahhhh i love the snow costume!!! the harid flower costumes is prettier though, i think. but seriously, the headpiece for snow is AWESOME!!!! and btw… that theatre is HUGEEEEEE.

pavlaosucksatgrammar said...

WOAH GRAMMAR…. flower costumes ARE prettier. fml.

Liza said...

Beautiful!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and amazing last shows.

XO, Liza
fashion over groceries