Saturday, January 7, 2012


"dammit" blink-182

With a new year comes the closing of another.  I'm wrapping up 2011 and putting it in the past.  I've learned from my decisions and my mistakes, and now it's time to move on! Woot woot.  New Years Resolutions? Nah. That's so overrated.  I always have a set of goals for myself and will randomly renew them when I see it fit.

So I leave home sometime tomorrow, and man I can't wait!  The thing about being home is that it's like the country.  Nothing to do but eat. Literally.  So yeah I'm excited to go back to Pittsburgh and lose some weight and just start dancing again.  I hate not dancing because I feel so lethargic and a waste of space.  I will however miss the comfort of not paying for laundry (or having to walk up and down three floors of stairs and into another building... which is super scary might I add, and the dryer doesn't even dry all the way...)  I will also miss my family and my mother's cooking.  Oh and also goodbye New York City. 

So my break was quite lovely and rather quiet I must say.  I can't say anything bad happened, so it was pleasant.  Actually one unpleasant thing was that a family friend passed away on the 23rd, and may he rest in peace.  After Christmas, I had a little reunion with some friends from Harid in New York City.  Here are some pics =] Enjoy

Chloe, my kitty-cat, under our tree. everyday

with my bestie at Dylan's Candy Barn (probably her favorite place on earth)

Rockefeller. of course.  note my hair was straight at the beginning of the night and then became this mess...


saks.  unfortunately this image quality is horrible because this was my favorite dress of the night...

bergdorf goodman

bergdorf goodman. thought it was cute since one of them had a tutu on

bergdorf goodman again.

bergdorf goodman. yet again

need i say bergdorf goodman again?

no comment haha. but jeez i love the middle one!!!
Cheers to a happy new year everyone!!

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