Friday, January 13, 2012

this joint

"this joint" slightly stoopid

Today was my fifth day back dancing (from my extremely long holiday break).  Still horribly sore.  My left hamstring/inner thigh has been locking up on me and cramping sometimes, tendinitis in hips bad, left achilles acting up, and now my right calve feels pulled or something.  UGHH!!!!  At least my back isn't horrible (yet).

So we're doing Balanchine's "Serenade".  One of Balanchine's Trust's Repiteurs has spent the week with us.  We finished this morning (five days!! and with two casts!!)  Serenade is one of the few Balanchine pieces I can honestly say I love.  The music, of course, is stunning, and nothing is more gorgeous than 17 girls all in perfect unison.  The piece is about 28 minutes long, and has many different movements.  Not counting Nutcracker, this will be my first Balanchine piece. 

It has been such a challenge for me because I've always been strictly Russian trained.  There are so many miniscule differences (such as one hand being in alonge, while the other is in a position.  Or crossing the arms in in third port de bra).  It's all alot more free, but how do you make a corps de ballet all the same, if there's so much more freedom in port de bras?  Balanchine taught his students FOR his choreography.  I feel like SAB and CityBallet should stick to Balanchine.  Otherwise it's just not the same quality.

PNB's Serenade excerpt

So if anyone has any advice one what to do for an extremely sore hamstring and inner thigh, please let me know.  I'm assuming it shouldn't be iced since it's a muscle?  Maybe heat?  Also for a possibly 'pulled' calf muscle?  Oh the pain.  Been having lots of potassium lately, something has got to give.

my mom bought me groceries!! This will last at least 2 weeks!!! =]
 So now that I'm all chubby from holiday, I'm trying to get back in shape mentally and physically for dance (auditions coming up!)  Basically I'm eating lots of raw veggies/fruits, eggs, yogurt, and kombucha.  Keeping everything between 1000-1500 cals.  So far so good.  It's getting tough with 7 hours of dance everyday though.

pizza with onion ring eggs
This was made during the break with my friend.  She has an awesome recipe where you crack an egg in the ring of an onion.  Sooo delicious!!  I'm trying to justify all the calories, and the only thing I can say is at least it has some protein! haha

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